Run a Node

If you have a mini-PC (i.e. Raspberry Pi), an old computer, or an advanced server, you can run a node to host podcast episodes.

Hosted (VPS/Cloud)

If you have a cloud hosted VPS/AWS server based on Debian or Ubuntu, you can use the method provided by @[email protected].

This script will setup your VPS node, create an IPFS user, and use the IPFS Podcasting install script to install IPFS & setup a cron task on your server.

Login as the root user before running this script with sudo su

1. Download the install script. Please take the time to read through the file to familiarize yourself with the processes involved.

2. Run the script with bash

3. Run the ./ script (in the IPFS user's home directory) to complete the installation.

An ipfspodcastnode.log log file will be created to monitor activity.

Post Install

If you've configured your email, you can create an account to manage your node and "Favorite" feeds to support a podcast feed with long term hosting.

You can view participating nodes to find your node stats (using your IPFS ID).

Troubleshooting & Support

For support, you can email [email protected], submit an issue on GitHub (Start9 / Umbrel / Python), or ask for help on Mastodon to @[email protected].