Favorite Feeds

"Favoriting" a feed is more than just a "Like". It's a value exchange that provides hosting & storage on the IPFS network to support your favorite podcasts. Every heart on a feed is an IPFS node hosting feed content.

There are two modes to favoriting.

- A node has decided to host all future episodes beginning when they clicked the icon.
- A node is hosting *all* episodes back to the beginning of the feed.

Showing "Love" means better performance and more decentralization to ensure the podcast won't disappear.

How to Favorite

As an IPFS node participating in the network, you can create an account to manage your node and update your favorite status at any time from any podcast feed page.

You can toggle between all episodes , future episodes , or no episodes . As soon as you update your favorite status, your node will begin receiving work to slowly pin or unpin shows to your node.

If you are running multiple nodes, you can selectively favorite each node to manage your storage space. Each heart represents a node. Hovering each icon will show your current pinned usage to help you decide which node to use. Node hearts display least usage to most.

As a podcaster, you can setup an IPFS node and favorite your own feed to ensure your episodes are always available. And encourage your "super fans" to return value by donating storage and bandwidth to support your show.