IPFS Podcast Prefix

You can configure your feed to load episodes from IPFS using a podcast prefix in your enclosure url.

If this is the location of your media file...
enclosure url="https://my-host.com/my-podcast/my-episode.mp3"

Adding ipfspodcasting.net/e/ before the location will check if your episode exists in IPFS.
enclosure url="https://ipfspodcasting.net/e/my-host.com/my-podcast/my-episode.mp3"

If you use other tracking prefixes, make sure ipfspodcasting is the last prefix in the url (just before your media file location).
enclosure url="https://pdst.fm/e/claritaspod.com/measure/ipfspodcasting.net/e/my-host.com/my-podcast/my-episode.mp3"

For the prefix to work, IPFS Podcasting needs to watch your feed for new episodes (to be loaded into IPFS). If you haven't already, Submit your feed to IPFS Podcasting. This only needs to be done once.