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Podcast #701 - AMD Ryzen 7000 Price Drops, MSI RTX 4080 SUPRIM X, Vertagear Gaming Chair, Slow Win11? + more!

AMD lowered prices on their Zen 4 processors, but for how long? Also, we look at a massive aftermarket RTX 4080 from MSI, with none other than the SUPRIM X edition of the card. Plus other things, including a gaming chair review from Jeremy and the state of the GPU market. Don't forget all the super scary security issues! Full list in the time stamps below.

00:00 Intro
01:11 Food with Josh
03:55 AMD Ryzen 7000 price drops
12:34 Samsung presents GDDR6W
16:15 NVIDIA's Priority Access program
19:04 GPU shipments take a nosedive
27:41 Intel software-defined silicon rides again
30:57 Windows 11 slow? There's a patch for that
35:13 NVIDIA patches 29 security vulnerabilities
39:12 Twitter and Meta leaks
42:15 Beware MSI Afterburner imposters
45:11 Gaming Quick Hits
49:15 MSI RTX 4080 SUPRIM X review
57:13 Josh's Thustmaster Airbus review
1:02:56 Vertagear PL6800 gaming chair review
1:11:51 Picks of the Week
1:26:44 Outro

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Published Saturday
Podcast #700 - RTX 4080 Review, High GPU Prices Explained, GN Solves 4090 Connector Mystery, 1-click AMD boost!

We have made it to episode 700!!! Sure, only half of the crew made it this far, but that's just how it goes. It's a war of attrition, and Jeremy was there from episode one (Josh joined a bit later). And this week we decided to gather, virtually, once again, and talk about the most affordable graphics card ever made!

RTX 4080 review, gaming PC building vs consoles, Nvidia earnings, some good security news for once, and more!


00:00 Intro
01:39 Food with Josh
03:08 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition review
36:07 You aren't dreaming...it's NVIDIA quarterly earnings coverage!
42:34 Podcast sponsor - Masterclass
44:03 Did Gamers Nexus solve the 4090 connector mystery?
55:47 AMD's EPYC new server processors
1:00:53 Josh talks memory controllers
1:04:23 AMD brings HYPR-RX to Radeon Software next year
1:06:09 Google settles Android tracking lawsuit
1:08:02 Lenovo patches UEFI vulnerability
1:10:01 Gaming PSA
1:13:12 Picks of the Week
1:25:45 Outro

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Published 11/19
Podcast #699 - Radeon RX 7900 XTX & XT Launch, RTX 4070 Ti Rumors, Intel Max CPUs, and MORE!

We are back after a week off (mostly spent traveling to the AMD event), and can finally talk about Radeon RX 7000 Series specs and pricing, and try to extrapolate (very popular word these days) performance. In fact, I think Josh may have over-extrapolated himself, but he will recover soon.

We also talked about other stuff, as Brett tried to make it more balanced, in spite of my best efforts. Full list in the time stamps below.

00:00 Intro
01:27 Food with Josh
03:20 AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX and XT launch event discussion
20:12 TSMC 3DFabric Alliance to accelerate chiplet design
22:19 Chiplet startup Eliyan and NuLink interconnect tech
24:39 Intel takes their HPC offering to the Max
29:32 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti rumors (and further RX 7000 Series speculation)
36:41 Podcast sponsor - Coda
37:51 Windows 11 adoption isn't high
39:18 Qualcomm says Arm wants money
43:07 A custom racing rig that looks pretty neat but that's about as far as we go with this segment
44:43 Microsoft AI steals code?
46:37 OpenSSL fixes two high severity vulnerabilities
48:43 Gaming Quick Hits
55:05 Picks of the Week
1:08:20 Outro (Josh gets it right the second time)

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Published 11/12
Podcast #698 - Intel Core i9-13900K Performance & Power, RTX 4090 Power issues, Win 10 Update + more!

This week we talk about Intel Core i9-13900K performance and power, dip our toes into the emerging RTX 4090 power adapter discussion (the night before Igor's Lab released a more definitive look at the problem), and chat about NVIDIA's RTX 4080 12GB un-launching.  Plus one more hurrah for Window 10 updates, updates for Display Port and Thunderbolt (and even our old friend AIDA64!).  

We also talked about some other topics, including the performance of the new Samsung 990 PRO. It's all in the time stamps below.

00:00 Intro
00:21 Food with Josh
03:05 Intel Core i9-13900K Review
26:04 NVIDIA RTX 4090 power adapter investigation
32:34 NVIDIA cancels the 12GB version of the RTX 4080
35:30 DisplayPort 2.1 standard
37:33 Intel talks Next Gen Thunderbolt
39:29 There's a Windows 10 22H2 now
43:10 Podcast sponsor - TextExpander
48:10 Memtest86+ and AIDA64 updated
50:42 Gaming Quick Hits
54:35 Samsung 990 PRO 2TB NVMe SSD Review
1:00:22 Picks of the Week
1:07:53 Outro

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Published 10/30
Podcast #697 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 FE Review, Thermaltake Tower 500 Case, PC Sales Update + more!

Recorded October 12, 2022. You know, a couple of days before NVIDIA unlaunched the RTX 4080 12GB. Guess we'll talk about that NEXT week.

On this day, we conversed about the RTX 4090's performance, talked about how thermal paste buildup can affect your life, looked at pictures of Intel's massive new NUC Extreme, and Kent reviewed the Thermaltake The Tower 500 (yes it is called "The Tower") Snow (as in white) enclosure. Plus other stuff. The full list can be found below.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Food with Josh
2:25 RTX 4090 FE Review
42:52 Noctua AM5 paste guard
47:03 PC sales plummet
55:30 Podcast sponsor
56:51 Intel's triple-slot GPU NUC
1:02:30 Windows 10 support winding down?
1:03:01 Intel Arc Launch
1:04:44 Gaming Quick Hits
1:08:03 Thermaltake The Tower 500 Snow case review
1:23:39 Picks of the Week
1:32:44 Outro

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Published 10/16
Podcast #696 - Arc A770 and A750, Ryzen 7000 Undervolting, RTX 4090 Hands On, and MORE

Recorded on October 5, 2022. The panel discusses Intel Arc A770 and A750 reviews, AMD Ryzen 7000 undervolting, and we go hands on with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition card. More subjects in the time stamps below.

00:00 Intro
01:41 Food with Josh
4:08 More intro stuff
05:42 Intel Arc A770 and A750 reviews
19:06 AMD Ryzen 7000 undervolting
29:05 NVIDIA RTX 4090 in hand
33:42 Deepcool LS720 liquid cooler likes AMD better?
36:03 The highly technical subject of solid state cooling
40:50 Podcast sponsor - Beard Club
42:14 PS5 jailbreak
44:25 Google Stadia is dead, Jim
46:03 Gaming Quick Hits
50:46 Security Corner
1:01:43 Picks of the Week
1:16:21 Outro

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Published 10/09
Podcast #695 - Ryzen 7000 Reviews, RTX 40 Series minus EVGA, Intel Arc A770 Soon, ARM everything! + MORE

We're back after a week off - and there's been a ton of news in the meantime.

Prepare yourself for some very long form content as we talk about AMD Ryzen 7000 for half an hour, and later talk about NVIDIA's RTX 40 Series for nearly as long. Then there's Intel 13th gen, ARM, EVGA breakupPlus a lot of other stuff. It's in the time stamps below.  Enjoy!

00:00 Intro
02:27 Food with Josh
04:06 30 minutes of AMD Ryzen 7000 perf, thermals, delidding, undervolting, etc.
34:50 Intel 13th Gen Core processors
39:26 NVIDIA RTX 40 Series
1:02:35 Podcast sponsor - TextExpander
1:03:54 EVGA breaks up with NVIDIA
1:11:29 Intel Arc A770 is coming soon
1:15:48 Some Acorn Arm history
1:18:22 Gaming Quick Hits
1:21:20 Security Corner
1:23:14 Picks of the Week
1:35:08 Outro

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Published 10/01
Podcast #694 - Last Minute 4090 Rumors, AMD Reconsiders New CPU Names, GPU Prices, MORE

Catch those final 4090 series rumors, revel in the 50% off current GPU pricing, lament at the Windows 11 beta-ness of it all.  Cry at the security vulnerabilities and jump with joy for gaming news.  It's all here.  For you. 

00:00 Intro
01:22 Food with Josh (and Corrine)
04:27 One more RTX 4090 rumor segment before GTC
13:07 GPUs now half of their inflated peak pricing
15:09 AMD admits mobile CPU naming sceme is a mess
18:28 AMD RX 6400 performance discussion for some reason
24:55 Windows 11 isn't a beta OS. Really.
26:21 Corsair's ultra-low profile K100 AIR keyboard
27:16 One more VideoCardz Intel Raptor Lake CPU leak
28:41 Gaming Quick Hits (with demo disc digression)
37:10 Security Corner
46:44 Picks of the Week
54:32 Outro

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Published 09/18
Podcast #693 - AMD X670E Pricing, Decoding AMD Mobile CPU Names, PC Audio Reviews, iPhone Release +MORE

AMD 670E pricing is extreme alright, but so is their mobile CPU naming conventions?  This is also the audio review show you never knew you wanted, enjoy that.  Apple held some sort of iPhone event.  And USB4v2 is so well named.  Intel Arc news of course too.

Who wants subjective audio reviews? How about THREE of them, in a row!! Ok, skip all that if you want to, but the first half of the show is news news news. News like AMD's EXTREME X670E pricing, decoding the Ryzen 7000 mobile CPU names, and so much more that you'll just have to look at the list of time stamps right below this to find out what they all are.

00:00 Intro and Food with Josh
04:07 AMD X670E pricing is EXTREME!
11:06 Decoding AMD's new mobile CPU names
17:59 Blender Arc support
19:00 Intel Arc A770, A750 launching very soon
27:28 Apple's iPhone event
31:27 Some weird AI image stuff
35:09 Podcast ad break - Beard Club
36:34 Gaming Quick Hits
41:32 Security Corner
44:42 Review #1: Monoprice SYNC-ANC Headphones
50:07 Review #2: Sound Blaster Katana V2 Soundbar
1:01:32 Review #3: FOSI TB10D Desktop Amp
1:14:39 Picks of the Week
1:23:56 Outro

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Published 09/10
Podcast #692 - AMD Ryzen 7000 Specs and Pricing, RTX 4070 Rumors, ARC Does Linux, Right To Repair + MORE

AMD Ryzen 7000 and AM5 - All the things.  Rumors on the RTX 4070, ARC GPU on Intel, Apple does "Right to Repair" ... uh huh.  Gaming updates for System Shock and Razer mice. Security issues for 80,000 devices, how fun!

This week the hardware talk got so hot that Jeremy's system overheated. Don't worry, he took off the side panel and pointed a box fan at it (a true story), and we were able to make podcasting history. Presenting the WORLD'S FIRST pcper podcast number 692. It's never been done before. It may never be done again.

00:00 Intro
02:11 Burger of the Week
03:56 AMD Ryzen 7000 Series specs, pricing, and other thoughts
17:34 AMD smart NIC
20:39 NVIDIA testing different RTX 4070 specs?
23:21 Arc does Linux (6.0)
25:56 Intel XeSS better than DLSS??
28:01 Apple and the Right to Replace (or "repair")
31:23 NETAC NV7000 - an SSD that is transparent about component swaps
34:33 Gaming Quick Hits
42:13 Security Corner
45:25 Picks of the Week
56:43 Outro

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Published 09/02
Podcast #691 - RTX 4080 Lower Power? ASUS AM5 Boards, VESA ClearMR, V-Color DDR5-6600 + Way More!

RTX 4080 power projections and rumors, ASUS AM5 board updates and recall, new VESA ClearMR standards, Homekit is good, Hyundais get hacked, and Nvidia made less money.  V-Color DDR5-6600 review and much more.

Another installment of the world's most famous podcast bearing the name PCPer. A full list of this week's subjects can be found in the time stamps, below.


00:00 Intro
00:35 Burger of the Week
01:44 Lower power for NVIDIA RTX 4080 than we thought?
05:08 RTX 4090 (allegedly) already in production
06:09 NVIDIA's woeful earnings are official
14:32 ASUS announces AM5 motherboard
17:15 Some X670 chipset discussion (Sebastian is confused, Josh is right)
18:39 Certain ASUS ROG Z690 HERO mobos recalled
20:00 Yet another display standard! VESA ClearMR
26:41 Somehow Homekit and Home Assistant are good?
29:00 Ad break: TextExpander
30:20 We talk altogether too long about a UST projector
37:56 Moonbreaker: a pirate-themed, tabletop-style PC game
41:24 Plex breach 
43:28 Hyundai car insecurity
45:20 Warhammer III Immortal Empires reviewed
52:38 V-Color DDR5-6600 reviewed
58:56 (late addition to news) Samsung 990 Pro SSD
1:02:30 Picks of the Week
1:10:21 Outro

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Published 08/28
Podcast #690 - Arc A380 on sale in USA, LoTR Keyboard, Fractal Focus 2, LIVA One A300, iOS VPN fail

This week is very heavy on product reviews, though we do begin with our traditional Intel Arc news - and this time there's a retail card available right here in the USA! As if this isn't enough to excite you into a frenzy, AMD is announcing a livestream in which they will announce new CPUs that you can eventually buy at a later date!

00:00 Intro
02:02 Retail Intel Arc A380 card available in USA
04:55 Arc does DX9 via DX12
07:04 AMD's upcoming livestream to announce new CPUs
09:18 All-new Rescuezila
12:02 Gaming Quick Hits
13:19 Realtek RTL819X vulnerability
18:08 Another Chrome zero-day
18:31 iOS VPNs leak data?
19:39 Drop LoTR keyboard
25:43 Monoprice Horizon TrueWireless ANC earbuds review
30:56 Fractal Focus 2 case review
43:43 ECS LIVA One A300 AMD mini PC barebone review
55:10 Picks of the Week
1:04:31 Outro

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Published 08/19
Podcast #689 - Ryzen 7000 RAM Speed, NVIDIA's Bad Quarter, Intel Arc Pro GPUs, Hackaday Prizes and MORE

It's another week, and another PCPer podcast! Recorded August 10, 2022.

News is first, and while it may be mid-August of 2022, NVIDIA had a bad quarter in Q2 2023 already. Not the first thing we'd do if time travel was realized, but it takes all kinds. We also discuss reports of the AMD Ryzen 7000 DDR5 sweet spot, look at some re-purposed retro tech from the 2022 Hackaday Prize winners, and look into Gigabytes replacement for the Z690i Ultra mobo. Plus mandatory Intel Arc news (they went PRO), and the usual 'gaming quick hits' and depressing 'security corner'.

Featured this week is Kent's third installment in the 'upgrading in mid-2022' blog, with further explorations of the major and minor components he chose, and why.

00:00 Intro
01:13 Food with Josh
02:49 Ryzen 7000 DDR5 sweet spot?
06:38 NVIDIA had a bad quarter
16:57 Hackaday prize
21:12 Gigabyte's Z690i Ultra replacement
27:48 Intel Arc Pro A-Series GPUs
30:09 Hard West 2 rides out
32:51 Final Frontier Humble Bundle
33:59 Netflix gaming?
35:47 Quantum computing vs. Ivy Bridge
40:15 Critical VMWare patch
42:27 Kent's upgrade blog, part 3
59:32 Picks of the Week
1:12:52 Outro

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Published 08/13
Podcast #688 - Intel & AMD Financials, Ryzen 7000 Date, be quiet! Pure Base 500 FX, Sonos, 0-Days + MORE!

We explore another week of tech news, including about 17 straight minutes of Intel and AMD Q2 financial analysis from Josh. If that isn't stimulating enough for you we also talk about upcoming CPU launches, a mandatory look at Intel Arc (new drivers this time), a possible Winamp scam, and the new be quiet! Pure Base 500 FX case - among other topics listed below.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Food with Josh
02:47 Intel Q2 financial results
11:29 AMD Q2 financial results
17:54 Ryzen 7000 launches this quarter
18:49 Intel Raptor Lake in October?
22:29 Intel Arc A380 re-tested at Igor's Lab
35:08 A Sonos soundbar for your PC?
38:48 Sharkoon returns with the Elite Shark CA700 case
42:15 Google says Stadia is NOT being shut down
44:11 New Winamp version in 2022 (or is this just an NFT scam?)
49:00 Buying 0-day exploits to attack Windows and Adobe Reader
50:20 be quiet! Pure Base 500 FX case review
1:03:43 Picks of the Week
1:13:18 Outro

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Published 08/07
Podcast #687 - AMD Discounts, Arc A750 Showcase, Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master, and MORE

Josh took himself out to a ballgame, so we podcasted without him. But that doesn't mean you won't see some OG PCPer faces, if you listen to at least the 24-ish minute mark. Heck, you might as well watch to 26 min, as well. Maybe even to the end.

Enjoy the Z690 build series, GPU sales, gaming updates and security sadness!

00:00 Intro
00:52 Where's Josh?
02:01 Game On AMD sale
05:38 New Radeon Software
07:49 Micron's new 232-layer NAND
10:14 CORSAIR Vengeance RGB DDR5
14:47 Tiny Core i7 system
18:24 Razer Blade Advanced
22:23 Mandatory Intel Arc news (with familiar faces)
26:27 Podcast Sponsor TextExpander
27:47 KotOR NoMORE
30:15 GTA6 non-update
31:30 CosmicStrand UEFI insecurity
36:38 Atlassian vulnerabilities
37:49 Browser 0-day
39:55 Kent explores the Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master
1:02:43 Picks of the Week
1:11:54 Outro

Link to the Intel Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition Graphics Card Showcase used in the podcast: https://youtu.be/fsij4LgXmZw

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Published 07/30