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The MMO Show is a weekly podcast dissecting media narratives that target or involve Millennials or GenZ. Using comedy and audio clips, Millennials Dan G. and John G. Dew deconstruct the agendas aimed at younger generations. Millennial Media Offensive operates on Value 4 Value model. Please consider donating whatever value you place on our show!

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MMO # 97 – Heli-Houthis
MMO #97  tackles the outcome of the APEC conference and its geopolitical implications. We revisit the Israel and Gaza kerfuffle including exciting new hospitals chat and planted AK47s. Two new left wing conspiracy theories have emerged on to the scene. The Southern Boarder is being overrun by Asians aided by the Long Wang of the law. Javier Melei is about to Make Argentina Great Again. All this and more in MMO #97.   Artwork was for #97 was done by Clip Custodian. Delivered faster than orange chicken at Panda Express. If you think you can beat him, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Executive Producer for #97 Joseph S.   Fiat Fun Coupon Donors Hannah May, the One Wheelin’ Millennial Wiirdo     #97 Boosters Clip_Custodian (Bag Daddy Booster!) @dirty_jersey_whore @eselsea @trailchicken @wiirdo Salty Crayon @eselsea @badcareeradvicechad @absurdient @jasper89 @tjunta @sandesingh @sandesingh @jasper89   Tuesday, November 21, 2023   Episode 97   OPENINGS   TITLES The D Word Heli-Houthis 4 Chin   Argentina             Milei Wins   APEC Meeting             Ray Dalio on APEC             Philippines US Nuclear Materials Deal Ethnic War Firstpost Vessel Seized and Shipping Lanes             FOX Pentagon Frustrated   Politics             Project 2025             Rep Dan Goldman on Jen Psaki   Border             CBS Chinese Migrants             UK Migrants Sent to Rwanda   Haiti             Hostages                         ***Kenya “peace mission” for Haiti approved by Kenyan government***   Crime             Retail Theft                         ***passed on to consumer***   Health             Life Expectancy   Environment             PepsiCo Suit   Corporate Coup and the Scam of Foreign Aid  
Published 11/21
MMO #96 – Slowa Flowa Cartel
If you enjoy hot talk of toxic chemicals and using psychological sexy tactics to recruit lonely men to the armed forces, this episode is for you! MMO #96 takes a hard look at Pfas, the border, Xi and his visit to Poop town San Francisco. The Ethnic wars continue and information psyop war rages on. Amazingly, we received two different Bag Daddy Booster Jingles, which both make their debut.   Artwork was for #96 was done by John G. Dew. If you think you can beat him, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Executive Producer for #96 Sir Pauly Bravo   Fiat Fun Coupon Donors Millennial Bookkeeper Hempress Emily M. Sam S. Wiirdo   Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters clip_custodian (BALLER BOOST!) carblanz33 lavish dugitup cbrooklyn112 trailchicken salty crayon sir jared of south burien kattykit sandesingh we salute all the anon boosters and streamers. we see you we appreciate you   Tuesday, November 14, 2023   Episode 96   TITLES Emotional YoYo Slowa Flowa Cartel Deceive to Lead   Environment             PFAS Bloomberg Investigates   WION             Xi Visiting Newsome California             Bonds             Treasury Bond Sale Goes “Poorly”             Was It Ransomware?   Border             ABC GMA on Fentanyl and Border Funding   Elections             NBC Nightly Threats to Lawmakers             Suspicious Mail                         ***Fent isn’t Anthrax***                         Poynter – Dispelling the Fentanyl Overdose Myth                         Ricin Mail in 2013 ***FBI went after Ft. Detrick scientist Steven Hatfield because of pressure from NYT Columnist Nicholas Kristof. Steven Hatfield defended himself and eventually won a $5.8 million dollar settlement for invasion of privacy*** ***FBI said Ft. Detrick scientist Bruce Ivins was sole culprit of anthrax letters in 2001, but their conclusion has been questioned by, thought to be extinct, investigative journalism***                                                 PBS Frontline Anthrax Files                                     NIH Funding Results             Niki Haley is the Worst   Ethnic War             ABC Latest   Information War                         Ian Bremmer on Big Think w/ EiC Robert Chapman-Smith             Egirl Psyop             Haley Luhan             Ghosts in the Machine                         Courts             Supreme Court Ethics Rules   Crime             Naomi Biden Robbed
Published 11/14
MMO #95 – Acadumbia
A fun episode of Mainstream Media sales tactics on stale Israel Hamas conflict. The Nashville Shooter had her “Manifesto” leaked by Steven Emotional Abuse Crowder. We talk about making statements and the good ol environment. Also, It’s election day! We hope you elect to listen to and support MMO #95!   Huge Thank you to Clip Custodian for pumping out the art for MMO #95! It was extra SPOOKY! If you think you can beat him, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Executive Producer for #94=5 Sharky Shark Other Fiat Donors: Emily Blessinger Hempress Emily M.     Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters clip_custodian (BALLER BOOST!) marykateultra boolysteed dalejr cousin vito dirty_jersey_whore lavish boobury Phifer Robot jonmcpain H Dame of the Absurd Salty Crayon jasper89 sandesingh jeromy73 trailchicken badcareeradvicechad billybon3s     Tuesday, November 7th 2023   Episode 95   TITLES             Acadumbia             Campaign of Vengeance   Israel – Hamas             New Talking Point: Antizionism is Antisemitism             Media Covering Unsavory Jewish Dehumanization   Statementese On The Media   Environment                         The Conversation - Ancient Fire in California   Trump             Trump Invited to Kyiv             Baron’s Adventures             Polls A Wake Up Call             Trump’s Campaign of Vengeance   Election Day             Gov Andy Beshear Radio Ad   Dutch Slashing Airline Slots at Schipol Airport for Summer 2024, Barring Airlines with No Historical Rights   No Time for Elections – Zelensky   Zelenksy’s Wife Child Trafficking   AGOA             Trade Minister from US on SA News                         Ohio Abortion Proposal is Confusing :(   Columbia             Left Loses Elections               Rebels Suspend Talks with Gov             Panama Canal Drying UP             How Stuff Works             Von der Leyen in Kosovo, Traveling to Montenegro then Serbia
Published 11/07
MMO #94 – Geopolitical Graffiti
The Republicans have selected a speaker of the house and the Leftstream Media is losing its mind. The War of Religion rages on and John Mearsheimer has some thoughts on it. Georgia wants to be the next Ukraine and Biden holds the keys to AI development. It’s a John G. Dew A graded episode of MMO!   Huge Thank you to Dame of the Absurd for pumping out the art for MMO #94! It was extra SPOOKY! If you think you can beat her, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Executive Producer for #94 Sam S. of Bourblania Other Fiat Donors: Hempress Emily M., the Official Herbalist of the offensive Ethan Crawley       Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters clip_custodian (BALLER BOOST!) piranesi boolysteed cousin vito dirty_jersey_whore eselsea garth freeman lavish boobury Phifer Robot jonmcpain H Dame of the Absurd Salty Crayon jasper89 sandesingh jeromy73 trailchicken badcareeradvicechad billybon3s Shownotes Ep 94 Runner-Up Titles: A Bag of Pants War Raging Greater Israel Lower Israel Rise of an Unknown Johnson Hard Up Right Hard Up for Iran Brown Lives Matter Prudinent The Collective View Megaphone Diplomacy On the Belly of The Dragon Accent of the Enemy Language of The Enemy Happy White Paper Day! Speaker of the House New Speaker – CBS All About Trump – ABC Sound Byte MAGA Mike and Shutdown – NBC Blinken Senate Hearing Compilation Source China Philippines Boat Collisions SE Asia US, Japan Adding Australia to Joint Drone Development Siemens Energy Government Bailout Expense AI Exec Order Exec Order AP Article About Biden's Scary Movie AI APOCALYPSE TEAM On The Media Breaking News Consumers Handbook: Israel-Gaze Weapons SiAW Newsbrief   John Mearsheimer Full Speech   Stay OTO and Keep it Frosty!
Published 10/31
MMO #93 – This Is NOT Political Propaganda
Fifth Generation Warfare is the prevailing theme of MMO #93. From the 5 Eyes to Israeli Hasbara, The propaganda and lies in from the World Governments that are regurgitated by the Mainstream Media are at an all time high. Ham Hands McConnell makes a guest appearance. Predictably, the Media has labelled the cool politician in a foreign country, The Trump of that country. Finally, Super Fog is attacking the Who Dats. Dissect the narrative and harvest the truth with the Millennial Media Offensive!   Huge Thank you to BillyBon3s for pumping out the art for MMO #93. The 5 eyes of Uncle Sam want you to listen to A Walk Through the Mind by BillyBon3s (and MMO of course)! If you think you can beat him, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Executive Producer for #93 Hempress Emily M.   Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters clip_custodian (BALLER BOOST!) piranesi boolysteed cousin vito dirty_jersey_whore eselsea garth freeman lavish jasper89 sandesingh jeromy73 trailchicken badcareeradvicechad billybon3s   Shownotes   Tuesday, October 24 2023   Ep 93   TITLES             Reply Goy             This Is Not Political Propaganda   5 Eyes on 60 Minutes                                     Israel             Bush on Israel             Iran and OPEC             Son of Hamas Leader “Green Prince” on CNN             Israeli Hasbara   South America             Peronism in Argentina – Buenos Aires Times   Weather             SUPER FOG             Energy             Washington Standard GTN Xpress Pipeline   Aviation             Alaska Air Hijacking                         SimpleFlying Story China             Finnish Pipeline Damaged by Chinese Cargo Ship Dragging Anchor
Published 10/24
MMO #92 – Terror Tunnels
The only thing more explosive than a Palestinian hospital is this Iraeli-Hamas focused episode of MMO. We examine the prevailing media narratives and the seeming beating drums of an expanded war in the Middle East. Our Media fans the flames of outrage and ensures everyone tows the line. Free yourself from this madness and listen right now.   Huge Thank you to Dirty Jersey Whore for pumping out the art for MMO #91. The topic really tipped the scale in his favor! If you think you can beat him, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Fiat Producers for #92 Sam S. ColoradoCareBear Hempress Emily M.   Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters wiirdo piranesi clip_custodian sirseatsitter dirty_jersey_whore ditchingdollars dame of the absurd lavish jasper89 boolysteed jeromy73 trailchicken badcareeradvicechad billybon3s   Shownotes Episode 92   Tuesday, October 17, 2023   TITLES No Children for Old Men Terror Tunnels Getty Image Terrorist Floor to Floor Door to Door Boot Du Juor AirPnP   OPENINGS   Israel             Aljazeera Al Aqsa Flood***             Ann Marie Green CBS Salma Abdelaziz CNN             Shapiro on FOX w/ Mark Levin             Ch 4 Matt Frei Evacuation Airstrikes             MSNBC Richard Engle on Hostage Release Statement   ***Palestine includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestinian elections in 2006 elected Hamas to form a coalition govt with Fatah. Gov collapsed in 2007 with conflict between Hamas and Fatah. No elections since then***   Europe                         Turkey Takes Control of KFOR For 1 Year                         Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan on Israel, Hamas                         Right Wing Polish Party Defeated in Parliamentary Elections   Domestic             Chicago Stabbing                         AP Article               Pepper X   Green             ChargeScape                         Investopedia Article   Russia             Earthworms More Valuable Than Russia   ISS “NASA officially released a proposal request for the U.S. Deorbit Vehicle (USDV), a spacecraft that will safely deorbit the ISS. As per the plan, the ISS will gradually decrease in altitude, and once it reaches the final deorbit phase, the USDV will carry the space station to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Any debris will fall into an unpopulated ocean area.”               Serena Aunon-Chancellor Allegations   OTO and Stay Frosty!
Published 10/17
MMO #91 – Prosti Stings
Israel has a hummus problem and the USA is ready to supply the pita chips. Episode 91 takes a deep look at the current conflict and discerns possible motives and outcomes. If you don’t like Geopolitics, then go ahead and turn off this episode and listen to NPR’s bland government approved narrative.   Huge Thank you to Dame of the Absurd for pumping out the art for MMO #91. If you think you can beat her, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Executive Producers: Millennial Bookkeeper (TOP DOLLA DONA)   Fiat Producers for #91 Sharky Shark Thomas Mensik Jeremy Cavenaugh Hempress Emily M.   Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters wiirdo piranesi clip_custodian Lavish netned marykateultra Anonymous petar jasper89 boolysteed frodo33 jeromy73 Anonymous trailchicken badcareeradvicechad billybon3s   Shownotes Episode 91   Tuesday October 10, 2023   TITLES             J-Town             Prosti Stings   Israel             John Kirby on CBS w/ Scott MacFarlane               Maj Mike Lyons on CNN                                     Ariel Cohen Sr. Fellow Atlantic Council on CNBC                                     Fox Report on Israeli Babies               Atrocities Report i24 News               Nicole Zeldek i24 2nd Report                                     Nayirah Testimony to Congress 10/10/90               Biden Speech on Hamas Attacks               Ron Paul on US Involvement with Israel and Hamas 01/09/09                         Amazon’s Project Kuiper             The Nephew Independent Run   Operation Buyers Remorse             Ohio Prostitution Sting             Florida Prostitution Sting   Afghan Earthquake   Syrian Academy Attack   Piracy in Nigeria
Published 10/10
MMO #90 – Salt-Right
and much more. Some war talk in the second half and an interesting convo on Africa and Millennial and Gen Z stress in the work place. Huge Thank you to Dirty Jersey Whore for pumping out the evergreen art for MMO #90. If you think you can beat him, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected] Executive Producer: Sir Pauly Bravo (TOP DOLLA DONA) Fiat Producers for #87-89 Emily M. From the Indiana Hempress Emily M. Jeremy Cavenaugh Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters Clip_Custodian MrRobot phifer dalejr dirty_jersey_whore absurdient Jeromy73 trailchicken jasper89 boolysteed ditchingdollars jradical Anonymous sandesingh trailchicken badcareeradvicechad mrh jonmcpain billybon3s Shownotes Ep 90   Tuesday, October 2nd 2023   TITLES: Salt Right Rad Trads Ba’alt-Right Fourth Rice Ge’llennial   Speaker of House             CBS on Norah O’Donnel             Kevin’s Agreements             Chaos             Fundraising             Gaetz Blamed   NYT on New Right             ***Stephanie Slade (Reason) interviewed by David French***   Student Loan Vote Buying             TikTok Financial Advice   Garland 60 Min                         Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Garland’s Family Ancestors Debunked   Ukraine             ABC Money Drying Up             Ukraine in Africa   Gen Z, Mills             Deloitte Workplace Survey             2nd Report   Bowman Fire Drill                         CNN Article             Fox Take on Bowman                         History of House of Representatives Punishments   Bobcat Joyride             10 Year Old Takes Bobcat for Joyride   Costco Selling Out of Gold Bars             ***2 per member***             ***LINK in article – NATIVE AD***   Risks of Developing Long COVID Exaggerated Says Paper in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine   China, MIT Prototype Desalination System             ***”CHEAPER THAN TAPWATER” at least twice***  
Published 10/03
MMO #89 – Word Warfare
Shownotes Episode 89   Dan Gehring is BACK ON THE OFFENSIVE! After a two-week hiatus Dan is back to discuss conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia and Kosovo and Serbia, how Canadian politicians know nothing about World War 2 and honored a former member of Germany's SS in parliment, the White House's new Office of Gun Violence Prevention, the new Senate dress code and how Senators are up in arms, and much, much more! We also debut the "Who Wants to Be A Millionare" spinoff "Who Cares if You're Wrong on A Podcast". Join us On The Offensive and cool your blue spot.   Huge Thank you to Dirty Jersey Whore for pumping out the art for MMO #89. Nailed it! If you think you can beat him, send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]   Executive Producers: Gerkenator (TOP DOLLA DONA) Dame of the Absurd   Fiat Producers for #87-89 Emily M. From the Indiana Hempress Emily M. Susan A. Jeremy Cavenaugh MummaBear Millennial Bookkeeper Sam S Face2theScr33n Sharky Shark   Brave Bits of Bitcoin Boosters Wiirdo SirVo Boo-Bury Lavish dirty_jersey_whore absurdient Anonymous trailchicken jasper89 boolysteed ditchingdollars jradical Anonymous marykateultra trailchicken badcareeradvicechad mrh jonmcpain billybon3s   Shownotes Episode 89   TITLES Word Warfare For Fact’s Sake Toe Sucker Mentality   War! Norgono-Karabakh Al-Jazeera Blockade Serbia Armed Group   Canada Ovation for SS Fighter Explainer Trudeau   Poland’s Education Minister Says He’s Taken Steps to Extradite Yaroslav Hunka   Project Thor CBS Evening – Adam Yamaguchi   White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention   Car Theft CBS New Generation of Car Thieves “Hacking”   Dress Code ABC ATM – Lionel Moise   South Carolina Hearing – Dr. Janci Lindsay   AIDS Memorial ABC Palm Springs Local – Jake Ingrassia   Agenda:             Donations             TikTok             Credit Boo-Bury for art on ep 87
Published 09/26
MMO #88 – Bings and Bongs
Another solo Millennial Media Offensive is in the books with John G. Dew explaining what the US spreading “democracy” really means, covering the UN General Assembly, Ukraine’s American military spokesperson, assassinations in Canada, how the Bully XL dog breed is too dangerous for the UK, why the United Auto Whiners strike continues, more bad news for privacy, and the impending 4 day work week. Smash that play button! Donate to the cause. Stay On The Offensive.   Tuesday is Newsday   Today is September 19th, 2023   This is Episode 88 of the Millennial Media Offensive   From America’s South Coast, I’m John G. Dew   UN GA Biden Speech MMO #86 – Boomer Whisperer Zelensky Speech   US Facilitated Pakistan IMF Bailout in return for Arms and Imran Khan Ouster   Saudi Arms and Israel US Explores Defense Treaty for Normalization between Saudis and Israelis   Iran Five Prisoners Freed, $6B Unfrozen   Ukraine Missile Responsible for Death of 16 in Market was Ukrainian - NYT Ukraine’s New Military Spokesperson is a Transgender American Cirrilo on Role in AFU   Russia Kim Jung Un Met Putin in Moscow   Canada Assassination Khalistan Movement Member Killed in Canada, Trudeau Blames India Modi was in US in June Ep 77 titled Bat Soup Chef   UK XL Bully Banned in UK   UAW Strike   Impeachment Morning Consult - Almost Half of Voters Support Impeachment Probe   Whitmer Kidnapping Final Three Suspects in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Found NOT GUILTY Courtroom Recording ***15 YEARS for material support act of terrorism   Privacy Gov Agencies, Private Sector monitoring social media, forums, and personal tracking apps with ShadowDragon Wayback Machine Intercept – NY Times blocks web crawler feeding Wayback Machine   NM Gun Ban Ban Amended after Court District Judge Blocked Parts of Order   4 Day Workweek Schools Scotland      
Published 09/19
“MMO #87 – Dr. Maski”
John goes solo while Dan is on his honeymoon. Biden's Freudian slip, oil and gas leases canceled, US Policy toward attacks on Russia change drastically, Stolen cars headed to Africa, MGM cyber attack, New Yorkers are getting fed up with immigrants, Canada's ER's are overcrowded, and there's Meth in the air in the Pacific Northwest. Take a deep breathe and join us On The Offensive.   SHOWNOTES:   Tuesday is Newsday   Today is September 12, 2023   Episode 87 of the Millennial Media Offensive   TITLES: Dr. Maski Vagrant’s Paradise   Energy: Biden Cancels Alaska Oil and Gas Leases NYT Article   Family calls cops on Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm staffer for reserving EV charger on publicity road trip   Biden: Biden in Live Oak, FL Questions in Hanoi   Climate: First Draft of Global Plastics Treaty Released Draft   Ukraine Blinken on ABC’s This Week   Privacy: Cars Fail Mozilla Foundation’s Privacy Test   CBP increasing biometric scanning goal for flights leaving US Your Airport Rights     Vagrants: Meth, Fent found in air samples in Washington State, Portland public transit Video   Crime: Stolen Cars in West Africa Video   Tech: Google Anti-Trust Case Begins Today, Preview   X sues California over AB587   Cyber: MGM Cyber Attack ***Defcon, conference for hackers, was held in Vegas one month ago*** MGM BOTG   Immigration NY Migrant Protest   COVID: Fauci on Michael Smerconish Masking   Healthcare: Canada’s ER’s are overcrowded Explainer   Journalism: 22 foundations partner to create Press Forward to support local news   Human Interest: McDonalds phasing out self-serve soft drinks -   Human skull found at Arizona Goodwill   Golden “Egg” found off coast of alaska   People are buying AI generated leaks of Harry Styles songs and outtakes -  
Published 09/12
MMO #86 – Boomer Whisperer
Covid is back, but the Black Sea Grain Deal is not. Schools in England might crumble to the ground, but NATO will not enact Article 5. Gabon had a military coup, but I'm sure it's nothing deeper than what the mainstream is reporting. Finally, Elon is blaming the Jews and the Jews are blaming Elon. A spiderman meme with a yamaca is in order.  PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING ON PAYPAL! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP GOING! Episode 86's artwork was made by the Dirty Jersey Whore. C U Next Tuesday! Job Well Done! Please send your artwork to [email protected] & [email protected] WARBUCKS Executive Producers of Episode 86 ($100 or more!) Dame of the Absurd Thank you to our Fiat Fun Coupon Donors: Sam S. of the Kentucky Front Cbrooklyn112, Beast Coast Defender Ethan Crawley Hempress Emily M., offical herbalist of the offensive Colorado Care Bear Millennial Bookkeeper, Our best to you and your family in this time of loss. Face2thescr33n These fine folks found our donation link!We are also on Cashapp, $mmoshow, and Venmo @mmoshow.The Dirty Jersey Whore strikes a again with his explosive art Victory! Can you beat him? Please send your art to [email protected] & [email protected]. Absurd Observations Sir Jared of South Burien MrRobot Dame TrailChicken (Bock Bock Baby) Dame Boolysteed (BOOSTY BABE) Baron of Rottordam NetNed phifer Cousin Vito Clip Custodian eselsea JonMcPain Dirty Jersey Whore billybon3s Boo-bury Mr. H Clip Custodian Phifer Cbrooklyn112 This Fed Free group sent in boosts, which are little bits of bitcoin donation, which allows for comments as well. These are read live on the show! For more information on boostagrams, Check out this post.Prove you're not a fed by donating to!Still listening on Apple Podcasts or Spotify? Gross. Get yourself a better and more masculine podcast app at Shownotes Ep 86   Tuesday, September 5th, 2023   TITLES Boomer Whisperer The Boo Heard ‘Round the World Hot Grain Operation Blitzcrete Sidestream Media COVID CBS Dr. Jill ABC Dr. Jill MSNBC Dr. Jill Biden Jobs and Trump England Schools Concrete Notice RAAC ***There are ways to keep these blocks from cracking                         - use mortar that is less strong than the blocks                         - stainless steel reinforcement in mortar beds Breakthrough Energy Ventures Bill Gates Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg In 2021, Breakthrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg) invested in EcoChem Materials which makes “green” concrete   EcoChem on need for green concrete 1A COVID Joke Qualified Immunity Removed, Suit for Damages Can Go Forward Elon TikToker Spin on Elon Suing ADL Data Dump Tim Poole Rundown Vivian Bercovici Leaves Twitter Spaces Vivian Bercovici History with Israeli Intel JTA Article Against Elon’s Suit Portland Totally Sane Response to “Transphobia” Trump Primary and Trial Calendar FBI Ran CP Site CO upsets TCU             They BOTH suck – no defense, low energy play                         Dion Sanders Hype C U Next Tuesday!
Published 09/05