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Making Geeks is a podcast for people who are striving to find the balance between raising great kids and holding onto the creative passions that keep them Sane. Whether it's woodworking, prop building, 3D printing, or gaming, we're trying to make a new generation of geeks the best way we can

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Last Episode : November 30, 2023 4:20pm

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Making Geeks Ep0223 "All together now!"
This episode was recorded during a very special meetup at the world famous Geeksmithing Workshop with special guest, Josh Price. We highly recommend watching the YouTube video of the episode if and when you're able to.
Published Thursday
Making Geeks Ep0300 "Part of the Journey is the End"
The Final Episode of the Podcast, recorded live from Wes' workshop featuring some special guests.
Published Thursday
Making Geeks Ep0299 "The Last Spoilercast"
Spoilercast of the Super Mario Bros Movie, Season 3 recap of the Mandalorian, and the Summer Movie Preview.
Published 4/22/2023
Making Geeks Ep0298 "Did You Hear That?"
Donovan puts on his game master hat again as we try to guess a variety of video game sounds.
Published 4/14/2023
Making Geeks Ep0297 "Something Trivial"
Wes turns the tables and puts on the GameMaster hat to quiz Shawn and Donovan on their Geek Knowledge
Published 4/01/2023
Making Geeks Ep0296 "This or That"
Do you prefer this, or that? Listen in and have a few laughs.
Published 3/18/2023
Making Geeks Ep0295 "There's No Good Way to Do This"
No description, just listen to the episode- it's an important one.
Published 3/11/2023
Making Geeks Ep0294 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
Donovan's angering Sponsors, Wes is cutting holes in walls, Shawn still playing with lasers and Jordan Rempel is this week's guest.
Published 3/03/2023
Making Geeks Ep0293 "Ketchup and Laughs"
After two weeks off we are back, let's catch up and have some laughs.
Published 2/25/2023
Making Geeks Ep0292 "Reflect and Rebuild"
This episode talks about our good friend Andy Birkey and his recent shop fire. Also, if you had to start over as a maker, what would you buy again and what could you do without. This episode talks about our good friend Andy Birkey and his recent shop fire.
Published 2/04/2023
Making Geeks Ep0291 "Look at this Stuff Isn't it Neat"
What is our geekiest collections of stuff?
Published 1/28/2023
Making Geeks Ep0290 "No Butt Roses"
It's new year which mean we have a new set of goals and events we are excited about for the year
Published 1/21/2023