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The Cost of Living ♥s money — how it makes (or breaks) us. We untangle the economic forces at play and transform our understanding of how money shapes our lives. Discover how everyday decisions connect with the larger economy in ways big, small, good, bad, obvious and unseen on The Cost of Living.

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Big Grocer is watching
Grocery stores can track who you are, what you buy and how you move around the store. So what does that mean for you? Plus, we explain why inflation has more of us eating beans and veggies. And how countries like South Korea have found a way to the world's heart through its stomach. Say kimchi!
Published Friday
Wanted: Entrepreneurs
Canadians just aren't interested in starting new businesses these days — but does it matter? Is it time to end the madness of boarding planes and start charging for carry-on? Also, when should companies speak up for social issues and when should they shut up?
Published 11/17
The Ozempic Economy
The weight loss drug is reshaping more than just waistlines. But could it be truly revolutionary? We'll also dig into why the flip phone is making a comeback and if cities could build homes by slimming down its existing streets.
Published 11/10
Does the fall of SBF signal the end of crypto?
Crypto-wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried has been convicted of defrauding crypto customers, so what's next for the digital currency? Also, we go looking for elusive "ghost jobs" and explain why corporate jargon is here to stay.
Published 11/03
Chills, thrills and scary real estate prices that follow you to the grave. Also, we ask if a big bad recession is really looming and why horror movies slay at the box office.
Published 10/27
No fly zones
Air Canada and WestJet have fought for your travel dollars for years. So what happens if they stop fighting? Plus, the rewards and risks of using an alternative lender for your mortgage. And would cutting the GST, HST and PST on groceries help make life cheaper?
Published 10/20
When Cash isn't King
Why some car dealers would rather lose a sale than have you pay full price — in cash. And one year later, Ellis Choe explores the halo effect of a Michelin star on Canadian restaurants. Plus, what war in the Middle East could mean for Canada and the global economy.
Published 10/13
House swap
For the price of a three-bedroom home in Vancouver, you could buy a chateau in France. So why aren't more people doing it? We find out why illegal magic mushroom shops are popping up like weeds, and learn why the streaming services of tomorrow could look like cable TV of yesterday.
Published 10/06
Low battery warning
You're on a road trip in your new EV, you roll into the charging station and uh oh. Producer Jennifer Keene explores why unreliable public chargers could slow down the EV revolution. We look at why big retailers like Canada Goose are swooping into the second-hand market. Plus, how does Apple, a trillion-dollar-company at the top of the world, keep bearing fruit?
Published 09/29
Why the gulf between Big Oil and Climate Change activists could mean a loss for everyone
The biggest players in Big Oil met in Calgary this week at the same time thousands marched in NYC for Climate Week. Paul Haavardsrud looks at why the gulf between the two sides could mean no one wins. How cross-border shopping can save you money on your grocery bill, and why some fans of the videogame NBA 2K don't like losing a game that's charging them more to win.
Published 09/22
Why name brand products keep disappearing from our grocery aisles
The disappearance of Kleenex comes down to size — big grocery stores and bigger food conglomerates. Also, why airlines are cracking down on "skiplagging" and rethinking our attitudes around living in our parents' basement.
Published 09/15
Canada's housing crisis has a simple, complicated solution
Building more homes is the simple answer to Canada's housing crunch, but the road to get there is complicated. And housing isn't the only high cost these days. We explore why hotel prices went through the roof this past summer. Plus, how to score cheap concert tickets for Beyoncé — and beyond.
Published 09/08