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Israel's Savagery Is So Shocking It's Sometimes Hard To Take In
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Sometimes Israel's crimes are so horrific that at first you don't even understand what you're looking at. You just stare at it trying to make sense of what you're seeing for a bit, like you would if you suddenly saw a space alien or a leprechaun or something. Reading by Tim Foley.
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Published Wednesday
War Is Not Abstracted Anymore
You can't have an up close and personal relationship with the reality of bombs and all the things they do to human flesh and then go back to the way you were ever again. Millions of western eyes have been changed forever. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published Tuesday
Hamas Isn't The Target, They're The Excuse
If you're just tuning in, Israeli intelligence ignored mountains of information that the October 7 attack was coming and left Israelis completely undefended, then the IDF killed significant numbers of Israelis with indiscriminate fire and pinned the blame for 100% of Israeli deaths on Hamas, and all those deaths are now being used as justification to push Gazans off their land to the south and shoot them if they try to return while Israeli officials keep talking about how great it would be to get all Palestinians out of all of Gaza. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published Sunday
Israel Has Damaged Israel's Reputation Far Worse Than Its Enemies Ever Have
Israel has done more to damage Israel's image in the last seven weeks than anti-semites did in the last seven decades. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published Saturday
White House Fears Pause In Fighting Will Let Journalists See What's Been Happening In Gaza
In other words, the White House is worried that a brief pause in the Israeli massacre of civilians in Gaza will allow journalists to report the truth about the Israeli massacre of civilians in Gaza, because it will hurt the information interests of the US and Israel. They are worried that the public will become more aware of facts and truth. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/22
This Is The Real Face Of The US Empire
Someone uploaded one of those viral "help identify this racist jerk" clips featuring a man accosting a street vendor with awful Islamophobic vitriol, and it turned out he was the former Deputy Director in the Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs for the US State Department. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/21
"From The River To The Sea" Is Genocide, But Actual Genocide Is Not Genocide
Elon Musk has announced that common pro-Palestine phrases like "from the river to the sea" and "decolonization" are now banned on Twitter and will result in suspension, falsely claiming that they "necessarily imply genocide". Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/21
Israel Propaganda Vs Palestine Propaganda
Israel propaganda looks like a music video featuring children singing "we will annihilate everyone" in Gaza. Palestine propaganda looks like an endless stream of raw video footage featuring children whose bodies have been ripped apart by Israeli military explosives. Israel propaganda looks like a music video of Israeli women doing yoga on top of images of the Israeli hostages in Gaza. Palestine propaganda looks like satellite images of entire neighborhoods that have been bombed into rubble by Israeli forces. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/19
Israel Doesn't Have A Gen-Z Problem, It Has A Morality Problem
Nobody starts out as the sort of person who would support a genocidal bombing campaign that murders children by the thousands. It's something you come into gradually over the years, one moral compromise at a time. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/18
False Accusations Of Anti-Semitism Exploit A Healthy Impulse To Advance A Profoundly Sick One
The most despicable thing about the way Israel supporters smear all Israel critics as anti-semites is that they are exploiting a very healthy impulse to advance a profoundly sick impulse. They knowingly exploit the fact that the further to the left someone is on the the political spectrum the more likely they are to (A) support Palestinian rights and (B) be very receptive to any suggestion that they might be acting in a racially insensitive way. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/15
The US Has A Standing Policy Of Ignoring The Human Rights Violations Of Its Allies
US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has been repeatedly refusing to tell the press whether he believes Israel has been following the laws of war in Gaza. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/14
Tone Policing Opposition To Genocide
US senator Chris Coons sat across from journalist Aaron Maté on the train on Monday, which is about the worst place you could possibly choose to sit if you're a powerful official in a government that's in the middle of backing an active genocide. Reading by Tim Foley.
Published 11/13