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Homegrown Hits - Episode 10
WE HAD A JAM-PACKED EPISODE TONIGHT FOR OUR FIRST EPISODE IN THE DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!!!!!! TRACKS: Sista Fista - Good Girls CityBeach - NOSTALGIC Fletcher and Blaney - Diaper in the Road Robert Willey - Country Badminton Ariel Powell - Sunshine Forever Kolomona Myer - Shadow Rantings Rock'n'Roll Breakheart - Rock'n'Roll Demon Empath Eyes - Panacea Sir Brian with an I - Rockstar The Tjukebox - NOW! That's What I Call Value! OC Rippers - Cheap Date SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR 10/10 PRODUCERS: Boo-Bury, ChadF, DotardTed, SircussMedia, Fletcher, SirTruckDriver, Tjunta, Piranesi, Boolysteed, NetNed, Sir TJ the Wrathful, harvhat, cottongin, HeyCitizen, and Mike Neumann
Published 11/16
Homegrown Hits - Episode 09
Our last episode in the single digits! The first one up tonight was a last minute pick! DuhLaurien caught it in the wild #HomegrownHits chat. TRACKS: Hey Citizen - The Platform Reel Richard - 10 Sats Commandments Johnson CIty - Early Demos I Christian Leuenberg - Here For You The Roco Boise - Charlie Brown You Were My Sunshine - Able Kirby> Fucktown Power Boys & No No - Peg Your Jeans CHECK OUT THESE LINKS: Inspiration for 10 Sats Commandments comes from Knut Svanholm's book Bitcoin: Everything Divided by 21 Million Bowl After Bowl Episode 280: Mary-Kate Ultra and MakeHeroism Bowls With Buds Find the song request form, DeMu catalog and MORE on the Homegrown Hits website Play Games SUNDAY @7PM RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you think playlist algorithms are designed to make people feel worse? Spotify making algorithm that know when you're sad or mad SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR MARVELOUS PRODUCERS: Fletcher (Special Birthday Boy), Boolysteed, Harvhat, DotardTed, Ostein Berge, Lavish, Dirty_Jersey_Whore, John Siebert, ChadF, Medus, SirTruckDriver, Sir TJ the Wrathful, Tjunta, NetNed, HeyCitizen, cottongin, Lavish
Published 11/09
Homegrown Hits - Episode 08
Last week, we had two live boosters singing praises of The HeyCitizen Experience! So we brought “Milves In Teslas” so we are bringing a bonus track! This week, we shake our heads at the SHOCKING Spotify news. Also…Cats, shrooms, in outer space? Homegrown Hits merch? Maybe! TRACKS: Local Zero – Catacomb Mike Epting - Sitting At The Counter Noisediver - Swan The Doerfels - Bloodshot Lies The Synthesatsers - Baby Bed Bugs Minus-4 - Sunset HeyCitizen - Milves in Teslas Spotify Plants to Pay Less-Popular Artists Less Money for Streams Mary-Kate Ultra and MakeHeroism will be on Bowls With Buds SATURDAY 11/04 at 8:00 PM Central Homegrown Hits Website (THANK YOU MakeHeroism) Games SUNDAY @7PM Request a song! SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPOOKY PRODUCERS: Boolysteed, HarvHat, Sir Truck Driver, DotardTed, Bearsnarerecords, Piranesi, Tjunta, HarvHat, DirtyJerseyWhore, NetNed, HeyCitizen
Published 11/02
Homegrown Hits - Episode 07
It’s our Halloween episode! Some tracks are SCARY (omg screamo vox??), and some just give us that light autumnal feeling. We received many horror-tastic voicemails, chatted about this time o’ year and imagined some costumes. TRACKS: Ariel Powell – It's You're Ok KRYA – Wouldn't You (Dance Forever Now) Johnson City – Baby. Not So Rough! Able and The Wolf – Willow Brown (ft. Scream Mails) Dire Descent - Devoured Rusty Gate – Six Feet Under CHECK OUT THESE LINKS, BROS: Homegrown Hits Website (THANK YOU MakeHeroism) Games SUNDAY @7PM SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPOOKY PRODUCERS: Wiirdo, Fletcher, boolysteed, Tjunta, ChadF, SirTruckDriver, harvhat, boo-bury, HeyCitizen, NAMillennial, netned, CSB
Published 10/26
Homegrown Hits - Episode 06
We’re feeling fall festive this week! DuhLaurien armed with her brand new Rodecaster to guide us through the harvest season and beyond. We’re more grateful than ever to have real people hosting their own music, especially given the given the recent news about Bandcamp. In case you need another reason to self-host, here ya go, sluggers: Bandcamp, Oakland-based music industry darling, gutted by 50% layoff “Bandcamp was purchased by Epic Games — maker of Fortnite and Gears of War — in early 2022. In September 2023, Epic announced its plan to sell Bandcamp to Songtradr, a Santa Monica company that specializes in music licenses.” Songtradr (Songtraitor?) has been around since 2014. In 2019, it became the largest music licensing platform in the world. Naturally, laying off half of Bandcamp’s workforce has artists worried about the horrific changes to come with the platform. Peruse the interweb, and you’ll see many worried musicians afraid of what is to come. In light of the news that we’d like to share this term with you all: Enshittification - A seemingly inevitable consequence arising from the combination of the ease of changing how a platform allocates value, combined with the nature of a “two sided market,” where a platform sits between buyers and sellers, holding each hostage to the other, taking off an ever-larger share of the value that passes between them.” MORE BREAKING NEWS— That groovy hit “This will need to be deleted later” has been deleted. I’m sorry Dave…we’re gonna need this single. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTIVE PRODUCERS: Lavish, Tjunta, harvhat, Boolysteed, Wiirdo, HeyCitizen, Phifer & for anyone we missed - we'll get back next time, loves! TRACK LIST: Dane Ray Coleman – It's Not Fair That You Exist HeyCitizen – MoeFactz Croatoan – Voluntary Mayday Mayday – Higher (ft. Sir Brian With an I) The Death of Rock and Roll - Long Hard Nightstick False Finish – Wake Up (Good Morning!)
Published 10/19
Homegrown Hits - Episode 05
A very special episode indeed as today DuhLaurien celebrates another beautiful day of birth on tonight’s episode of Homegrown Hits! Boosters sent in some heartwarming birthday boosts! Daisy Boo Cooper even surprised us at the end!


Dirty_Jersey_Whore (Make Good <3), Anonymous (we luv ur mystique), ChadF, harvhat, NetNed, Boolysteed, NAM, Boo-bury, Medus, Sir TJ The Wrathful


Skatenigs – Shit Authority

Johnson City – Sell It To My Soul

OC Rippers – Murder

The Wolf – The Wait Is Over

Fletcher and Blaney ft. Laurien – Lady of the Evening

Check out the isolated vocals Fletcher shared on his last Bowls With Buds featuring Carolyn Blaney

The Lightningrod Salesman – Couples Crash Down


MedusPod Episode 21/p>

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The Hyper Spaceout games


harvhat, ChadF, boo-bury, SirSeatSitter, Sir TJ the Wrathful, Boolysteed, Anonymous, Oystein Berge, Sir Spencer, NetNed, HeyCitizen, KR, Medus, Phifer, and Lavish!

Published 10/12
Homegrown Hits - Episode 04
We had a ball with our live listeners on the 40th Thursday of the year! The sound of the bowling pins (boostagrams) crashing as the music played sounded juuust right. Daisy B. Cooper sent her regards, along with two beautiful selections for our ear holes! One of her picks and one of DuhLaurien’s were both created by one of our callers, Andy of Panzee and Johnson City! He graciously thanked us for playing his music. Thank you, Andy. Your input and decades worth of art is invaluable to this V4V show.


Dirty_Jersey_Whore (Make Good <3), Anonymous (we luv ur mystique), ChadF, harvhat, NetNed, Boolysteed, NAM, Boo-bury, Medus, Sir TJ The Wrathful


THEM TEETH – Mouth Sin

White Triangles – Pitiful

Johnson City – This Sick Feeling

Panzee – The rats go down

$2 Holla – Holy Water

Kurtisdrums – My High Polished Nose

A wild Nam dropped by and informed us he will be recording a back-up stream for our show! Nam co-hosts a V4V media deconstruction show every Tuesday night with John G. Dew on the No Agenda stream. Check ‘em out: https://namillennial.com/

Sir Spencer is an eagle scout GOD for providing us with yet another drop-free stream since he nuked the Azura cast!

Published 10/05
Homegrown Hits - Episode 03
Three is a "lucky" number, which is exactly why we have three lovely co-hosts celebrating our third episode! Under a beautiful harvest moon, no less! Rule of three applies to most creative endeavors such as photography, writing, and comedy. Some of tonight’s selections come from the minds of certified comedic geniuses…including the one and only Lil B the Based God??? Thank you Sir Seater for self-hosting your track and allowing us to share the gospel of The Based God!! Our trio also discusses the glory that is LN BEAST (LN Beats), and it’s integral part in our process for picking our music each week. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR WONDROUS PRODUCERS: HeyCitizen, Boo-Bury, phifer, SirTJtheWrathful, Tamarack, Harvhat, FutureSirTosh, ChadF, Tjunta, SirTruckDriver, Adam287, NetNed TRACK LISTING: 1point3 – The Impossible Dream Dane Ray Coleman – So Brazenly, So Suddenly The Cooper Friendly Feel Good Group – Barbeque Skatenigs – We Can't Have Nice Things Sir Seat Sitter (Ft. Lil B, MoeFactz, FM Road Trip) – Gone Fucktown Power Boys & No No – Can You Hear The Clouds? LINKS: Need assistance hosting your music?: https://thunderroad.media/ Listen to Bowls With Buds Steven B. interview on 10/01 around 4:20 PM CT following No Agenda: https://stream.bowlafterbowl.com/public/bowlafterbowl Pop in & play trivia/party games following Bowls With Buds this Sunday: https://mk.spook.social/@hyperspaceout
Published 09/28
Homegrown Hits - Episode 02
We concluded our second episode tonight! All tired yet inspired by navigating the new decentralized music world. DuhLaurien brought some tracks to reflect on the legacy of self-hosted art. Hey Citizen sent in our glorious “Number Man” phone jingle, born of post-show buffoonery. By the way, you can call (213) 839-8668 and leave a v/m to request self-hosted songs, or chat about whatever your heart desires! Speaking of, we’d love to hear your input on 2 potential new segments: In The Weeds: Each week, we’d talk about going to local shows, or the state of the scene in general. Listeners are encouraged to call in about their recent (or dated) experiences at concerts. Musicians can use this part of the episode as a vehicle to promote upcoming local shows. Fresh Crops: A lil’ segment where we’d spotlight one song that is newly self-hosted. Producers would let us know about their music that they’re looking to self-host. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR LOVELY PRODUCERS: Wiirdo, SirSeatSitter, boo-bury, NetNed TRACK LISTING: Torcon VII – Gold Mike Epting – Mr. Marlboro Johnson City – Up in the Ceiling Chris Wenske – Coconuts The Doerfels – They Don’t Know Miles Fonda – Emo Stormtrooper Emo Storm Trooper is beautifully clever. An older song by Miles Fonda and Sir TJ The Wrathful which TJ has revived through self-hosting. Here is the paragraph TJ wrote to describe it: “Miles Daniel Fonda passed away on January 21, 2023. Born on April 15, 1988, he was blessed with great artistic and musical talents, as well as writing abilities. Miles leaves behind his beautiful son Kaden, and 94% of boosts go to a wallet set up for Kaden. Miles-vocals Sir TJ-guitar Written and Recorded in approximately 2005” This is why the movement matters.
Published 09/21
Homegrown Hits - Episode 01
You host it, we toast it!
Published 09/14
Homegrown Hits - Episode 00
This is a Homegrown Hits test.
Published 09/13