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Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte. Records live at every Tuesday.

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Last Episode : October 31, 2023 10:00pm

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SN946: Citrix Bleed
What caused last week's connection interruption? Is it possible to create and maintain an Internet whitelist? What's the latest on LastPass vault decryptions? How do you know of a remote correspondent adds a new device to their Apple account that it's really them? Might there be more life left in Windows 10 than we thought? What's foremost in the minds of today's bug bounty hunters? What new free and open source utility has CISA released? Could it be that SpinRite 6.1 is finished? Is TLS 1.2 ready for retirement? And what about IPv4? How can open source projects get their code signed? And then we're going to take a really interesting deep dive into the Internet's latest mass-casualty disaster.
Published 10/31
SN945: The Power of Privilege
How do fake drives keep being sold by Amazon? If you don't already know it, is VBScript worth learning today? NTLM authentication is 30 years old; will it see 40? What startling flaw was just found in cURL, and what should you do about it? Vulnerabilities with a CVSS score of 10.0 are blessedly rare, but today the industry has another. And also, asked by our listeners, how should "lib" be pronounced? How is SpinRite's 6.1 pre-release run? Is passkey export on the horizon? Doesn't a server's IP address make encrypting the client hello superfluous? Is there such a thing as encryption preemption? Are fraudulent higher-end drives possible? What's Privacy Badger and why did I just install it? And finally, within any enterprise, few things are more important than managing user and device access privileges. As highlighted by the NSA's and CISA's experiences, we're going to examine the need for taking privilege management more seriously than ever during this week's Security Now! Episode #945 - The Power of Privilege.
Published 10/24
SN944: Abusing HTTP/2 Rapid Reset
How have valiDrive's first ten days of life been going and what more have we learned about the world of fraudulently fake USB thumb drives? Should passkeys be readily exportable or are they better off being kept hidden and inaccessible? Why can't a web browser be written from scratch? Can Security Now listeners have SpinRite v6.1 early?... like... now? What was that app for filling a drive with crypto noise and what's my favorite iOS OPT app? And couldn't Google Docs HTML exported links being redirected for user privacy? After we address those terrific questions posed by our listeners we're going to take a look at the surprise emergence of a potent new HTTP/2-specific DDoS attack. Is it exploiting a 0-day vulnerability as Cloudflare claims, or is that just deflection?
Published 10/17
SN943: The Top 10 Cybersecurity Misconfigurations
How many people have downloaded GRC's latest freeware so far? Do we believe what 23andMe have told the world about the leak of their customers' personal and private data? What are the stats regarding all aspects of cyberattacks? How's the Brave Browser doing? Where and when is Google surreptitiously embedding tracking links into Google Docs exports? What high profile enterprise was also compromised by the Progress Software MOVEit SQL injection? What additional web browser just added and announced its support for Encrypted ClientHello? What change did Google just make with the release of their Pixel 8 family of smartphones? What cyber initiative did the U.S. Congress just overwhelming pass? What's "DwellTime" and why do we care? And that's just the news. We'll also be entertaining many of our listeners' questions, then starting into the first part of our examination of a really terrific document that was just published by the NSA and CISA.
Published 10/10