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Remap Radio is a new podcast from the creators of the long-running video game podcast Waypoint Radio. Join Rob Zacny, Ricardo Contreras, Patrick Klepek, and their friends and colleagues as they set off on a new adventure that has them obsessing over the video game Dragon’s Dogma nearly as much as they question the nature of capitalism.

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Last Episode : November 27, 2023 7:10pm

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Remap Interview: Blasphemous 2 + Hi-Fi Rush

Remap might be on vacation this week, but our podcasts aren’t, and recently, Patrick’s been busy talking to some video game developers. In this episode, Patrick catches up with Hi-Fi Rush game director John Johanas, who’s been on either a Waypoint or Remap podcast three times this year?! That’s a record. This time, John and Patrick discuss what it means to leave a project behind. Elsewhere, Patrick chats with two creatives—producer David Erosa and creative director Enrique Cabeza—who helped make one of Remap’s 2023 favorites, Blasphemous 2.

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Published Monday
My Turn - Armageddon

Now that the SAG-Aftra strike is finally over, we're finally releasing the final, exremely apt episode of My Turn: Armageddon. The end of the world is fast approaching and humanity's last line of defense depends on a group of Rowdy Oil Drilers. Come with us and cringe at the late 90's slurs, laugh at the ridiculous premises, and revel in a dramatic reading of Roger Ebert's absolute extinction-level-event of a review.

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Published Friday
Remap Interview: COCOON

Patrick kicks off Remap’s game developer interview series with Cocoon, a game of the year caliber puzzle game about guiding a little insect friend through a dangerous journey. Lead audio director Jakob Schmid and lead art director Erwin Kho join Patrick in a wide-ranging conversation about everything from being traumatized by movies like Alien and Fire in the Sky at young ages, to realizing you basically grew up next to your creative partner and didn’t even know it. They also talk a whole lot about what it was like building one of this year’s best games.

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Published 11/01
Remap Radio 22 — Wake Up, Alan

We’re excited to welcome Janet Garcia (Pen to Pixels, Kinda Funny, MinnMax) to Remap Radio this week, because there’s just a gauntlet of gaming bangers to talk about, between the arrival of a brand-new Remedy game, Alan Wake 2, and spending lots of time with Spider-Man 2. Patrick has issues with how Super Mario Bros. Wonder plays when kids are involved, and the group discovers that the purchase of a Ms. Pac-Man machine will not solve all of life’s problems.

Discussed: Alan Wake 2 13:46, Spider Man 2 1:16:46, Super Mario Wonder 1:47:13, The Question Bucket 1:52:45

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Published 10/27