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Two polymaths making increasingly complicated fart jokes.

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Encounter #171: Flavour Country
Massaging the gluteus maximus, TCLing with Fortran, and going to Jingletown. Show Notes Video shows large explosion at Ohio auto shop which killed 3 people Bad CGI Gator - Official Trailer (2023) - YouTubeSix college grads on Spring Break get a cabin in the swamplands of Georgia. Once there, they decide to throw their school laptops in a backyard lake in an act of youthful defiance, which unknowingly turns a lurking alligator into the dreaded and insatiable… Bad CGI Gator! The Mind Behind Windows: Dave Cutler - YouTubeThe guy who gave us RSX-11m, VMS, and Windows NT is interviewed by the guy who gave us Task Manager and zip file integration in Explorer. Over three hours of great conversation from DEC to Xbox, basketball to formula racing. Dave Cutler - WikipediaHe's 81 years old and still works hard every day at Microsoft. Dave's Garage - YouTubeDave Plummer's YouTube channel where he talks Windows history and shows off his projects. Dave Plummer - Wikipedia Dwarf Fortress on Steam Tech mogul Bryan Johnson undergoes shock therapy on penis to get 'the erections of an 18 year old'
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Published Wednesday
Encounter #170: A Slice of Everyone
The orcs of the sea, the ants of SimCity, and the sophisticated Homo sapiens. Executive producer: Nobody Show NotesBadlands Devours A HUGE 30-Inch Pizza! (w/Big Twig) - YouTube Exclusive tour: The last Chuck E. Cheese with an original animatronic band - YouTubeIt's the end of an era. Watch: Bear swipes family’s $45 Taco Bell order from their porch - YouTube We Asked The Creator Of 'Rotating Sandwiches': Why? | Digg Unauthorized “David Attenborough” AI clone narrates developer’s life, goes viral | Ars Technica"Such grace, such poise." Half-Life 25th AnniversaryTwenty-fifth anniversary of the game that proved you can have captivating story in a first-person shooter. Half-Life - Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update - Steam News SimCity 2000 30 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective - YouTubeThe classic city simulator also hit a big anniversary lately. Alex Jones NWO Wars - The official Alex Jones Game Orcas sink ANOTHER boat off Gibraltar after relentless 45-minute attack by killer whales ‘led by notorious White Gladis’ | The SunBeware of White Gladis. She will wreck your shit.
Published Friday
Encounter #169: Brown Finger
Stinky fruit, Thanksgiving carols, and chairs for every purpose. With special guest host Sir Spencer of Bowl After Bowl! Executive producer: Carolyn Blaney Show Notes What's The Difference Between Yams And Sweet Potatoes? Durian - Wikipedia I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas - Wikipedia Sydney Forest - Wikipedia Archaeologists discover previously unknown ancient language | The IndependentThank the Hittites. Hittites - Wikipedia Anime and Manga JIN-ROH (Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade) · AniList Wolf's Rain · AniList Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) · AniList Kanojo mo Kanojo (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) · AniListSecond season currently airing. Aho-Girl (AHO-GIRL) · AniList Hataage! Kemono Michi (Kemono Michi: Rise Up) · AniList Keijo!!!!!!!! · AniList Real Sex - Wikipedia Able and the WolfSecond album when?
Published 11/21
Encounter #168: Decompiling Dark
Camping for Swift, walking backwards, and fighting rats. Executive producer: Carolyn Blaney of the Hog Story Blaneys Show NotesMan says otters attacked him while he was swimming in a California lake - YouTube Taylor Swift Fans in Argentina Detail Camping Out for The Eras Tour Moon-forming impactor as a source of Earth’s basal mantle anomalies | NatureLarge low-velocity provinces are back, in Theia form. ASU researchers discover Earth's blobs are remnants of an ancient planetary collision | ASU News New Supercomputer Simulation Sheds Light on Moon’s Origin - YouTube Large low-shear-velocity provinces - Wikipedia The Core - Wikipedia Perfect Dark finally gets the full-featured PC port it deserves | Ars Technica Perfect Dark (upcoming video game) - Wikipedia Voice of Ghana 🇬🇭🎓 on XJohn Dumelo sets an inspiring example! Yesterday, he literally walked the talk by taking on the challenge of walking backwards from Ayawaso West to Presec. In addition, he generously presented 8 crates of fresh eggs from his farm to the Headmaster and the NSMQ winners. Voice of Ghana 🇬🇭🎓 on X: "Kennedy Agyapong vs Bawumia on the 4th of November 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/4RBfvCdrFG" / XKennedy Agyapong vs Bawumia on the 4th of November 🔥🔥🔥 Rat fight, rat fight, it's awwwwwwright. List of SEGA mandates : SonicTheHedgehog
Published 11/08
Encounter #167: Mouse in the House
Sucking boxes, boning up on Luther, and decreasing your sperm count. Show Notes Richard Moll, ‘Night Court’ sitcom actor, dies at age 80 | AP NewsRest in peace, Bull. Richard Moll - IMDb Dada - Wikipedia SNACKEX 2019 - Interview with Dr Rolf Nilges, Elected President of ESA - YouTube Why Exhibit? - SNACKEX Swedish Fish - Wikipedia Mars has a surprise layer of molten rock insideGet your ass to liquid Mars. Explore JWST's deepest views ever for yourself - Big ThinkWant to look into the furthest depths of space and time? What is the etymology of the term piracy (in respect to intellectual property) - English Language & Usage Stack ExchangeStealin' your IP since 1603. (Well, actually, 1668.) Rare blue-tusked mammoth on auction in Anchorage Mobile phone use may affect semen quality | ScienceDaily Why Capcom thinks PC game modding is akin to “cheating” | Ars TechnicaRelated: Why coldacid thinks Capcom can fuck right off. Dozens of birds named after people are about to be renamed : NPRThe American Ornithological Society can go fuck itself. They'll take my woodcocks from my cold dead hands.
Published 11/01
Encounter #166: Nightmare Hands
Hating terrorism, fucking snow globes, and catching the big tuna. Executive producer: Carolyn Blaney Show NotesWhy AI-generated hands are the stuff of nightmares, explained by a scientist - BBC Science Focus Magazine Higurashi handsBetter drawn and less disturbing than most AI generated hands. Guy who married Hatsune Miku now has a dilemma after 4 years of marriageRemember the guy who married Miku? I think he's a widower now. Her (2013) - IMDb Boogie Bass (Fixed) - YouTube 80 Candy Bars"Do you remember how many chocolate bars have you eaten in your life?" — Dio Brando Cowboy Bebop: The Movie - Wikipedia
Published 10/25
Encounter #165: Pumpkin Styles
Plumbing for polyps, happy fun stuff, and remembering Shep. Executive producer: SirVo Show NotesColon polyps - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic DF2014:Fun - Dwarf Fortress WikiThere's a special meaning for "fun" with this game. Image Creator from Microsoft Bing coldacid's creationshttps://shitposter.club/notice/AajLfby8UmsvQuxRnE https://shitposter.club/notice/AajLxfLChHE96VMAbY https://shitposter.club/notice/AajOUdKfNzNiL3x9uK https://shitposter.club/notice/AajOfmUTfyoFvarFdQ https://shitposter.club/notice/AajQ1KwasFAIopqqci https://shitposter.club/notice/AajQt4jhLofMBjRb7Y https://shitposter.club/notice/AajXbVCmtqXSkPcNto https://shitposter.club/notice/AajgBFONy6pBlMbA5A https://shitposter.club/notice/AajhYubT0rzYBuZ6K8 https://shitposter.club/notice/Aajj5J0duJHn6dLq1g https://shitposter.club/notice/AajjqQPSD9jvfSQOjg https://shitposter.club/notice/AajkfCY9V7BTS2hnLU https://shitposter.club/notice/AajXbVCmtqXSkPcNto https://shitposter.club/notice/AajmX9U9D8YhXR7bge https://shitposter.club/notice/AajnCX52OF94ad6mnY https://shitposter.club/notice/AajnTicsiS1PK08LuS https://shitposter.club/notice/AajnzwIlPF6d0C5Uwa Shep the Broomfield Turnpike Dog – Broomfield, Colorado - Atlas Obscura Rocky Flats Plant - Wikipedia Plutonium - Wikipedia Anoka man grows pumpkin weighing 2,749 pounds, sets world record for biggest gourd - CBS Minnesota We May Have Just Found Evidence of a Cosmic String: a 'Crease' in The Universe Cosmic string - WikipediaDefects in the space-time continuum.
Published 10/18
Encounter #164: Podcast Law
Diversity firings, Conan's podcast, and racist AI. Executive producer: SirVo Show NotesMarvel To Restructure Their TV Division Lending Credence To Claim That New WGA Deal Would Eliminate Woke, Diversity Hires - Bounding Into Comics Hollywood Screenwriter Explains How Woke, Diversity Hires Will Be Out Of Jobs Under New WGA Deal - Bounding Into ComicsMore actual writers, fewer activists, in the writing rooms going forward? When you look at the economics of the new deal, that's the most likely outcome. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend | Team Coco Was Jesus A Hallucinogenic Mushroom? One Scholar Certainly Thought So | IFLScienceHe’s not the messiah, he’s a very trippy boy. Jesus Christ as a crimson-spotted fungus - The New York TimesPublished [1970-09-06 Sun]. Archive link The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross - Wikipedia 4chan users manipulate AI tools to unleash torrent of racist images | Ars Technica Rare Encounter - Encounter #119: Jason and the Arthropods
Published 10/18
Encounter #163: No-No Pan
Missing knives, fever dreams, and space age puppet shows. Executive producer: Dirty Jersey Whore Show NotesGame of the Week: WTF is this?This week's game is for the audience... What did AbleKirby find in his toolbox? Winner Winner Boostagram DinnerFrom Carolyn Blaney: RE: What the fuck is this? Allan Key Hex Key set. It looks like those slots of for to hold a set of Allan keys. Able might be missing other pieces? https://a.co/d/bS8pp0u WATCH: LAPD led on wild chase by man in stolen golf cart Shirtless man with dog leads cops on slow chase in golf cart An open letter to our community | Unity BlogUnity folds (kinda). WE WILL NEVER USE UNITY EVER AGAIN (Johan Forsblom - Orignal) | Song | Unity Fail | Unity Disaster - YouTube Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge by Aaron DemeterIt's no Bonestorm but it'll do. 25 years later, Simpsons fans can now play ‘Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge’ - NBC Sports The Scariest Sound In The World - YouTube Tom Brady reveals insane post-retirement body transformation as former NFL star says he's 'dropped 10 pounds' | The US Sun Neo Leo Sez! BONUS this episode only, Lex Fridman! Pawan on XLift-off to rover roll-out, this Ganesh Pandal on #Chandrayaan3 is absolutely mind-blowing! 🚀🌕 See video in tweet, it's pretty awesome. AbleKirby's collage Raw Reporting on X"Everybody must eat!" a woman exclaims as looters breach a business right behind her. #Philadelphia #Philly #Pennsylvania #Looting #Riot #CenterCity Nintendo 3DS Architecture | A Practical Analysis
Published 09/28
Encounter #162: Cheese Mouse
Adventuring after the end, flying the shitty skies, and walking the emu. Executive producer: serpent Show NotesColumbus Blue Jackets admit 'major misstep' with Mike Babcock hire Fake newsPants shitting is definitely (not) happening. Rare Encounter - Encounter #97: Trippin' on NuggsFor more pants-shitting. The Sphere: Inside the Futuristic Home of U2’s New Residency – Rolling StoneIs This $2 Billion Orb the Future of Live Music? Ponder it. I went to Canadian Tire. - YouTube AniChart: Fall 2023 Seasonal Chart Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End) · AniListWhat happens after the demon lord is defeated? Follow the elf mage Frieren as she wanders the world decades after her victory. Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (The Apothecary Diaries) · AniListThe adventures of an apothecary's daughter in the inner palce of a not!Chinese emperor. Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu! (I Shall Survive Using Potions!) · AniListOL gets isekaied as a loli and makes cute (OP) potions. Keikenzumi na Kimi to, Keiken Zero na Ore ga, Otsukiai suru Hanashi. · AniListOutcast x gyaru romantic comedy. Pure coldacid bait. Seiken Gakuin no Maken Tsukai (The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy) · AniListThe demon lord is reincarnated as a pampered shota. AbleKirby's pick of the season, because Studio Passione. Void Stranger on Steam Vampire: No Survivors by Reaktori Unity Has Apologized For Its Install Fee Policy and Says It 'Will Be Making Changes' to It - IGNWizards of the Coast: "We're gonna piss everyone off with our licensing plans and alienate everyone providing third party D&D content.." Unity Technologies: "Hold my beer." Unity (game engine) - WikipediaEvil bullshit here. MAN WALKS HIS EMU DOWN THE STREET - YouTubeWatters the asshole emu.
Published 09/20
Encounter #161: The Ocean Blew Him
Australian roadsport, Billy Zane's rifle, and the true meaning of Circle K. Executive producer: boo-bury Show Notes Lidl Recalls PAW Patrol-Branded Snack Over Explicit Content on WebsitePawed.com? Which? on X🚨 URGENT RECALL: Four types of Paw Patrol snacks are being recalled by Lidl after a website URL listed on the back of the packaging was compromised with explicit content unsuitable for children. Customers should return the products to their nearest Lidl store for a full refund. appykidsco.comNSFW and only works on mobile unless you can fake it out (browser dev tools help). Why is it called Circle K? - YouTubeBecause Circle J was already taken. Circle K - Wikipedia Production Hell - Waterworld - YouTube Waterworld (1995) - IMDb Predatoroonops - WikipediaAn entire genus of spiders named in homage to Predator. Sniper (1993 film) - Wikipedia Billy Zane - Wikipedia
Published 09/13
Encounter #160: Bacon Semen Snow
Heavy metal drops, highway hives, and the Wolfman of Harz. Executive producer: Obscene Snowman Show NotesCans scattered across Hwy. 401 east of Toronto after collision | CP24.comThis following up an early morning collision between another tractor-trailer and the median barrier just a couple kilometers west. Beekeepers help police catch millions of bees accidentally set free in Burlington | CP24.comAnd on the other side of the Greater Toronto Area... HRPS Burlington on XGuelph Ln north of Dundas - Officers dealing with load of 5 million bees fallen off truck onto roadway. Passing vehicles/residents advised to close windows & pedestrians avoid area until clear. ^jwf Halton Police on XThanks to the bee keepers who have arrived on scene to assist with the cleanup. Much appreciated. We ask residents continue to avoid the area as the cleanup is expected to take some time. Hikers snap photo of ‘naked wolf man’ in German forest | The Independent Naked 'Wolf Man' spotted by hikers in Germany's Harz mountains Inside 'erotic' Burning Man festival — orgy dome, 'happy ending' spa and all-night raves - Daily Star What is Burning Man's Orgy Dome - Stories From The Orgy Tent At Burning Man Festival We "Fix" Famous Songs (Try Not To Laugh) - YouTube Science girl on XThe surreal sound of rock music from an actual rock This phonograph that can 'read’ the surface of a rock Hans Niemann's War With Chess.com Comes to an EndThe online chess world is returning to the status quo ante-butt-bellum. ‘Oh my god’: live worm found in Australian woman’s brain in world-first discovery | Health | The GuardianWoman complained of forgetfulness and depression before doctors pulled out an 8cm roundworm normally found in pythons Once more, with feeling: Fuck Australia! Tucker's KoboldsThe baddest little reptiles ever to come out of Dungeons & Dragons.
Published 08/30