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RTF003 Launching a Bitcoin Business with UTXO
UTXO is a developer having contributed to BTC Pay Server, and more recently has created a company called aiming to making accepting bitcoin payments even easier than ever before In this rip we discussed - Post Nostrica - utxo’s bitcoin rabbit hole story - Time preference and being calibrated by nature - Spending and simultaneously saving Bitcoin - making accepting payments even easier - Non-compliance is essential - Bitcoin obsoletes many societal norms - Poker, WOP and the way it helps you more accurately perceive the world - Inaction as a primary signal - Ordinals. Challenging the efficiency of block space usage - Nostr: The hooks need to be simply a better product - Twitter, echo chambers and the horse shoe model - Bitcoins moral code & much more..
Published Thursday
The Censorship Industrial Complex with K3tan
K3tan is the founder of Ministry of Nodes. He is a prominant advocate for privacy best practices within Bitcoin. In this conversation we discussed Censorship Banned from twitter: Why and what for? Nostr becomes home Sparrow Wallet Australia's Compliance Culture Improving Public Discourse Australian Bitcoin Bush Bash The impacts on the lives of individuals as a result of broken money Why Privacy Matters Ministry of Nodes Bitcoin Custody Trade-offs The Lightning Network Parallel Systems Are Essential
Published 10/19