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S23 E9: Six More Months | "The Pit"
A last minute decision puts the trial on hold for another six months. Sheree's family is shocked, and Greg is still in jail. Why would Greg's lawyers want their client in jail longer, and why couldn't this case go ahead when others have? Meanwhile someone close to Sheree finally speaks up.
Published Monday
Uncover Introduces: Earwitness from Lava for Good
One July night in 1995, Deputy Sheriff William G. Hardy was shot behind the Crown Sterling Suites hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. At the same time as the murder, at least ten people saw Toforest Johnson four miles away, at a popular nightclub called Tee's Place. But detectives zeroed in on him as a main suspect in Deputy Hardy’s murder anyway, ultimately resulting in Toforest being tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. For over a quarter century, Toforest has been confined to a 5’ by 8’ cell on Alabama’s death row. In 2019, investigative journalist Beth Shelburne began covering the case, going down a disturbing rabbit hole revealing many unsettling facts that cast grave doubts about Toforest’s guilt. The facts she found tear at the very foundation of the American criminal justice system: No eyewitnesses or physical evidence tied Toforest to the murder; the state tried to convict a different man for the same crime; and perhaps most disturbing of all, Toforest’s conviction relied on an ‘earwitness’ – a woman who claimed to have eavesdropped on an incriminating phone call, a woman whom prosecutors paid for her testimony, in secret. That payment was not disclosed to the jury, Toforest, or his lawyers until after he had been on death row for 17 years. From the team behind the award-winning hit podcast Bone Valley, Lava for Good’s Earwitness is an 8-episode docuseries that asks the question, “How did an innocent man end up on death row — and why is the state still trying to execute him over the objection of the prosecutor who put him there?” Shelburne’s unprecedented access to key players—the lead detective, lead prosecutor, witnesses, jurors, and the earwitness herself— illuminate a story filled with disturbing twists, frustrating ambiguities, and shocking admissions. The story of Toforest Johnson and the state's enthusiasm for the death penalty in the face of such troubling evidentiary flaws brings to light the failings of a criminal justice system run amok. Earwitness is a production of Lava for Good Podcasts in association with Signal Co. No1.
Published 11/18
Uncover Introduces: Gay Girl Gone
Of all the young revolutionaries in Syria during the Arab Spring, Amina is different. An out lesbian in a country where homosexuality is illegal, she bravely documents her life on the blog Gay Girl in Damascus. Her candid posts attract readers from around the world, and soon she has a wide, ardent following. But then a post appears saying Amina has been abducted. Her fans mobilize, desperate to track down and save their fearless heroine. What they find shocks them. Journalist Samira Mohyeddin investigates what actually happened to the infamous Gay Girl in Damascus in this 6-part series. The result is a twisted yarn that spans the globe and challenges our thinking on love, politics and identity in cyberspace. More episodes are available at: https://link.chtbl.com/bJOhy5oI
Published 11/15
S23 Update Episode: What happened in court | "The Pit"
Greg Fertuck appeared in court for a two-week preliminary hearing in January, 2020. The goal was to decide if he should be tried for murder. This short update explains what happened.
Published 11/13
S23 E7: Needle in a haystack | "The Pit"
A close relative thinks Sheree was dumped somewhere near the gravel pit. Police and volunteers searched the area when she disappeared, and again after the arrest. Could the searchers have overlooked her remains?
Published 11/13
Uncover Introduces: Crime Story
Fraud. Abduction. Murder. Every week, Crime Story host and investigative journalist Kathleen Goldhar goes deep into a tale of true crime with the storyteller who knows it best. From the reporter who exposed Bill Cosby, to the writer who solved one of Australia’s most chilling cold cases — Crime Story guests include: Gilbert King (Bone Valley), Eric Benson (Project Unabomb),Carole Fisher (The Girlfriends), and many more. More episodes are available at: https://link.chtbl.com/3xHecDMq
Published 11/07
S23 E5: The interview | "The Pit"
A letter to the Saskatoon jail nets our reporters a meeting with the suspect. We hear from him for the first time. For more, including a 360 video experience of the gravel pit, visit cbc.ca/thepit
Published 10/30