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From the archive: ‘We the people’: the battle to define populism
We are raiding the Guardian Long Read archives to bring you some classic pieces from years past, with new introductions from the authors This week, from 2019: The noisy dispute over the meaning of populism is more than just an academic squabble – it’s a crucial argument about what we expect from democracy. Help support our independent journalism at
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Published Wednesday
The Netanyahu doctrine: how Israel’s longest-serving leader reshaped the country in his image
He first became prime minister in 1996, and has been pushing the country further right ever since. Most agree his political days are numbered – but the approach he established will prove very difficult to shift. Help support our independent journalism at
Published Monday
‘I stopped counting how many friends died’: life after the contaminated blood scandal
As a victim of one of the NHS’s worst failures, I campaigned for years for an investigation into what led to so many people becoming infected with deadly viruses. Finally we got an inquiry – but did we get answers?. Help support our independent journalism at
Published 11/20
Inside the Taliban’s luxury hotel
Once the site of legendary parties, the Intercontinental in Kabul is still a potent symbol of who rules Afghanistan – and what its future might hold. Help support our independent journalism at
Published 11/17
The mass protest decade: why did the street movements of the 2010s fail?
From Brazil to Egypt, Turkey to Hong Kong, the 2010s saw a series of huge public uprisings. Yet many of them led to the opposite of what they asked for. I spoke to 200 participants across 12 countries to find out why. Help support our independent journalism at
Published 11/13
‘A hidden universe of suffering’: the Palestinian children sent to jail
One night in 2005, Israeli soldiers came for Huda Dahbour’s teenage son. He was gone for a year and a half. The damage done to their family – and so many others like them – was incalculable. Help support our independent journalism at
Published 10/27