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546: A Very Tidy Excuse
The messy details and tidy excuses we noticed in all this OpenAI upset, and some fundamental problems that have been plaguing desktop Linux for years.
Expires in 18 hours
Published Wednesday
545: Sam's Busy Weekend
OpenAI's weekend coup, plus our thoughts on Microsoft's gambit and their looming risk.
Published 11/22
544: Microsoft Already Did It
Yet another thing Microsoft was early to, and still somehow missed the boat. Plus, building a PC is rare; it's a solved problem. If AI tools excel as expected, will coding face a similar fate?
Published 11/15
543: For Your Safety
New AI "regulation" from on high this week, a few signs you might be pissing in your own pond, and the game dev team that's been together for 40 years.
Published 11/08
542: Fresh Cut Fraud
We've all made mistakes and tried to play dumb, but this week history is being made.
Published 11/01
541: Better Late than Never
Rumors of internal panic at Apple, and concerns about the future of RISC-V. Plus, the software update of the century.
Published 10/25
540: Sherlockin All Over the Place
We're about to see a wave of big tech AI features "inspired" by third-party developers at a scale that makes the Sherlocking on Apple's platform seem like chump change. Plus, how Dropbox turned around their dev retention rates, and more.
Published 10/18
539: Mike Breaks the Build
Mike checks in from the grind and shares some challenges in recent cross-platform testing; then, we get into the avalanche of negative AI press coverage this week and the one massive story they're not touching.
Published 10/11
538: You Never Forget Your First
How does your first major programming language/technology still shape your work and career? Then grab some popcorn and let's watch the next epic tech titan battle unfold.
Published 10/04
537: Unity Mutiny
Our unique take on the Unity outrage, thoughts on RustRover, and Mike shares a very annoying mistake.
Published 09/30
536: Grindr-in-Chief
The painful side of making video games, Grinder's big problems, and Google's sneakiest trojan horse.
Published 09/20
535: Locally Sourced Carbon Neutral Consumer
Did Apple's event live up to our expectations? And our thoughts on what new goodies for developers might be in the new hardware and software.
Published 09/13