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784 Teaser - The Burning of the Convents
Matt begins his series on the Spanish Civil War with the wave of anti-clerical violence that engulfed the nation at the beginning of the 2nd Spanish Republic Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
Published 11/23
783 - Dream Hoarders, LLC feat. Madinah Wilson-Anton (11/20/23)
To celebrate Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, we’re joined by Delaware state representative Madinah Wilson-Anton to dish about all things Delaware. Rep. Wilson-Anton leads us through Delaware’s legal peculiarities that make it ripe for international corporate malfeasance, her personal experiences with Joe Biden and his “think tank,” and some tales of Delaware politics, ranging from corporate crime, feral senate dogs, chip thievery, and lots of casual racism.
Published 11/20
781 - Goon Dad (11/13/23)
Will, Felix and Amber pick up a few stories we missed last week, including Tim Scott girlfriend reveal (and campaign end), and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s father/son porn monitoring. We then look at a litany of increasingly absurd bungles and PR disasters from the Israeli government, all from just the last week. Pick up your copy of Amber’s new book Dirtbag here: And find all the new Chapo offerings at our digital shop here:
Published 11/14
779 - The Rude Dozen feat. Derek Davison (11/6/23)
Chief Foreign Policy correspondent Derek Davison returns to the show for updates on Palestine, including discussion of recent videos of Palestinian arms and tactics, the Biden administration’s response to the war, the potential for further regional conflict, and where the new American focus on Israel leaves Ukraine. Find Derek’s podcast American Prestige at: And find Derek’s newsletter Foreign Exchanges at:
Published 11/06
777 - Burn Book feat. Vincent Bevins (10/30/23)
Author Vincent Bevins returns to the show to discuss his new book “If We Burn” covering the “mass protest decade.” We discuss global protest movements from Brazil to Tunisia to Egypt to Chile, how they’ve affected or failed to affect global politics, and how the last decade of protest and activism relates to the ongoing conflict in Palestine. You can find Vincent’s book here:
Published 10/30
775 - The Wrestler feat. David J. Roth (10/23/23)
David J. Roth joins us this week as we continue discussing the relatively limp and unconvincing propaganda emerging around the Israel-Gaza war. Then, David gives us his review of “Moneyball” Michael Lewis’ new book on Sam Bankman-Fried, and we take a look at a new Washington Post piece chronicling Jim Jordan’s career arc from college wrestling champion to almost-Speaker of the House. David’s review of Going Infinite is here:
Published 10/23