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Trump's Power of Persuasion, and Democrats Downplaying Biden Corruption, with Scott Adams and Margot Cleveland | Ep. 638
Megyn Kelly is joined by Scott Adams, author of "Reframe Your Brain," to discuss the specific ways Donald Trump is such a master of persuasion, the way Adams realized that after watching Trump's "Rosie O'Donnell" debate answer to Megyn, how "building the wall" and the "perfect phone call" are evidence of his persuasive ability, comments he made about race in February that led to his cancelation, the actual context he was getting at, the need to focus on individuality over a focus on racial "averages," tips for teaching life skills to your children, how to reframe the way you think about your own attractiveness, the value of learning to be a great public speaker, the way hypnosis actually teaches you real-world skills, how he came up with the idea for the "Dilbert" comic strip, and more. Plus, The Federalist's Margot Cleveland joins to discuss exactly what we learned the first day of the Biden impeachment inquiry, the key points the corporate media aren't talking about, the ways the Democrats are trying to downplay the evidence of Biden's corruption, explaining away his actions as simply love for his son Hunter, what we'll know if the media and left actually report the truth, and more.Adams: The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at: 
Published Friday
Who Won the Chaos "Hot Mess" Debate, with Glenn Greenwald, Eliana Johnson, Michael Duncan, and Larry Elder | Ep. 637
Megyn Kelly begins the show discussing her take on the "hot mess" of a second GOP debate, before breaking down all the angles with Michael Duncan, co-host of the Ruthless podcast, Eliana Johnson, co-host of the Ink-Stained Wretches podcast, Glenn Greenwald, host of Rumble's "System Update," and Larry Elder, GOP 2024 candidate. They discuss why Fox News partnering with Univision was a huge miss, the liberal framing on questions from the moderators, the need for structure amid the chaos, how Ron DeSantis has shown improvement from the first GOP debate, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott looking awkward debating curtains, a good DeSantis moment on Florida's curriculum, Vivek Ramaswamy “relaunching” with a new personality in the second GOP debate, if he was able to tone down his "know-it-all" persona, Trump's humor and connection with the working class, Gavin Newsom's “classless” comments when discussing his upcoming debate with Ron DeSantis, Newsom claiming trans issues are a "distraction," the UK government getting involved in comments made by Laurence Fox on Dan Wootton's GB News show, how it's leading to suspensions and firings, the issue of male suicide, and more.Duncan: Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published Thursday
Could Biden Be Replaced, Trans Sports Receipts, and Cuomo's COVID Lies, with Emily Jashinsky and Matt Welch | Ep. 636
Megyn Kelly is joined by Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist culture editor, and Matt Welch, co-host of The Fifth Column, to discuss whether the GOP debate without Trump actually matters, who might see a bump after they take the stage, Trump's dominance in Iowa and New Hampshire polls, some details in the polls that give hope to the other candidates, if Trump going to prison could affect his poll numbers, Democrats wanting to replace President Biden, Biden’s decline and new reporting about his team being terrified he may fall, Biden calling minorities “boy” and if this could affect his support from certain groups, the visible decline in Biden’s appearance and health, Andrew Cuomo lying about his mandatory COVID lockdowns, business closures and mask mandates, now claiming it was all voluntary, the media allowing Cuomo to get away with his COVID lies, how COVID revisionism is bipartisan with Trump trying to change the record too, the absurd story about The Washington Post creating the “Democracy Dies in Darkness” slogan, the media getting aggressively worse in the Trump Era when it comes to reporting the truth, Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness crying about "trans misogyny" in an interview with Dax Shepard, the truth about trans athletes in women's sports, and more.Jashinsky: Welch: Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published Wednesday
Rapinoe's Final Middle Finger, Radical Trans Ideology, and Failures of Progressive Policies, with Carrie Prejean and Jason Rantz | Ep. 635
Megyn Kelly is joined by Carrie Prejean Boller, community activist, to discuss the disturbing details of a male sexual offender getting to be housed in a women's prison, the rise of male sex offenders “transitioning” right before going to jail, left ideology pushing that men can become women, the disgusting San Francisco street fair being promoted by a far left California politician, his history of pushing extreme trans ideology on children, another trans person named homecoming queen, Megan Rapinoe’s last “middle finger” to America as she stays silent during the National Anthem in her last game, refusing to put her hand over her heart, Rapinoe's arrogance and setting a terrible example for young girls, a new non-binary "Paw Patrol" spin-off show character, a white Miss Zimbabwe winning (that looks like Megyn), and more. Then Jason Rantz, author of "What's Killing America," joins to discuss the juvenile crime surge, progressives claiming racism and dismissing the increase in crime by teens, the failures of restorative justice, what harm reduction really is and its failure to address the drug crisis, how "housing first" policies don't fix the homelessness crisis, the surge in overdoses from fentanyl and other drugs, whether we're hurting kids by not charging them for their actions, living in Seattle as it has decayed, and more.Boller: The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published Tuesday
Left Freakout Over Great Trump Polls, Biden's "Boy" Gaffe, and Travis Kelce Shills For Pfizer, with Charlie Kirk | Ep. 634
Megyn Kelly is joined by Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, to talk about the latest ABC and NBC disastrous polling for President Joe Biden, the left's whole Trump strategy not working, the continued push to get Biden pushed out as the nominee, replacing "democracy" with "oligarchy," Democrats wanting Biden to be replaced, how the indictments haven't hurt Trump at all, the way the Biden corruption stories have become a key campaign issue, Trump making huge inroads with young voters and Hispanic voters, the left saying VP Kamala Harris' unpopularity because she's a Black woman, Biden's racial gaffes, why Hispanics are turning on the Democratic party, the record numbers of illegal immigrants coming across the Southern border, whether the chaos is politically motivated, the Biden administration's policies being the reason for the influx of migrants, the over-the-top absurd bribery indictment of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, the foreign policy implications related to Egypt, the gold bars and cash in sleeves found at Menendez' home, NFL superstar Travis Kelce shilling for Pfizer and the COVID shot, his new relationship with Taylor Swift, and more.More from Charlie: The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published Monday
Dan Bongino on Threats to Trump, Biden's Poor Parenting, and the Gift of Failure | Ep. 633
Megyn Kelly is joined by Dan Bongino, author of "The Gift of Failure," to talk about the specific ways former President Donald Trump's life is in danger, whether he's being protected enough, an emotional call he got from former President Donald Trump, the value of loyalty, what it means to be "transactional" in politics and why that's a positive, why the Biden administration won't gift RFK Jr. Secret Service protection, the sorry state of journalism, what killed the industry, the freedom that comes with being part of the independent media, the decline of the corporate press, Rupert Murdoch stepping down at News Corp, if Elon Musk could buy Fox News, Dave Portnoy exposing a terrible Washington Post reporter, President Biden's failures as a dad, how to deal with an addict in your family, the press spinning on behalf of the Biden family, the ways failure helped Bongino succeed in life, challenges he had to overcome, and more.Bongino: Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published 09/22
Dems Politicizing and Undermining Institutions, and Cameras in Kohberger Courtroom, with Mark Levin, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos | Ep. 632
Megyn Kelly is joined by Mark Levin, author of "The Democrat Party Hates America,” to discuss Trump’s prosecutions and the hypocrisy in how it is being handled, the deterioration of faith in our institutions, Biden politicized Justice Department, the details of each of the four Trump cases, the breaking news of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border each day, what's behind the Democrats' long game on immigration, why Biden should be impeached, the history of the Democratic party in America, the racism and anti-Semitism in the Democratic party's past, and more. Then lawyers Marcia Clark and Mark Geragos join for an all-star Kelly's Court panel on the horrific random killing of a former police chief riding his bicycle, the racial angle for why it's not getting more media coverage, the new revelations and accusations in the Russell Brand case, police in the UK opening a criminal investigation against Brand, if the timing of this case 20 years later makes it hard to defend, the U.K. government weighing in on the accusations, whether Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger actually followed some of the victims on Instagram, the debate on whether cameras should be in the courtroom, the latest on the potential for a Murdaugh re-trial, and more.Levin: https://geragos.comClark: http://www.marciaclarkbooks.comFollow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at: 
Published 09/21
Garland Grilled on Hunter Investigation, and Russell Brand's Defenders, with Jim Geraghty and Maddy Kearns | Ep. 631
Megyn Kelly is joined by Jim Geraghty and Madeleine Kearns of National Review to discuss the key timing relating to Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Hunter Biden case, what we know about the David Weiss and Garland relationship, what made Garland change his mind on Weiss' Special Counsel status, John Fetterman’s response to the new Senate dress code, if Fetterman is really taking the job seriously and if he should be replaced by someone who can actually do the job, Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, someone arrested at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign event last week, the Biden administration refusing to give RFK Jr. Secret Service protection, whether Michelle Obama could replace Biden next year as the candidate, the denials in the Gov. Kristi Noem cheating allegations, the latest on the Russell Brand sexual assault allegations and the reaction to them, Brand getting demonetized on YouTube, conservatives defending Brand without digging into the actual details, and more.Get more from National Review: The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published 09/20
The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel, and How Reading Helps You Think, with Doug Brunt | Ep. 630
Megyn Kelly is joined by Doug Brunt, best-selling author of the new book, "The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel," to discuss the mystery at the center of his book, a brief synopsis of who Rudolf Diesel is and his impact on our world today, whether Diesel committed suicide or was murdered, the suspects for who could have mudered Diesel, how authorities identified his body, the devastating impact of his death, his legacy today the difference between writing and selling a fiction vs. non-fiction book, the support and feedback from peers (and Megyn), Meryl Gordon’s book “Mrs. Astor Regrets” and her disappointment with Anderson Cooper for referencing her work throughout his new book, the ethics of citing sources vs. doing your own book research, Doug's life growing up, the different personalities of their kids, where love of books came, and more.More from Doug Brunt: Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published 09/19
Trump's Abortion Strategy, and Allegations Against Russell Brand, with David Sacks, Will Witt, and Savanah Hernandez | Ep. 629
Megyn Kelly is joined by David Sacks, co-host of the All-In Podcast, to talk about Trump’s comments on abortion during an NBC interview and pushback he's receiving from the right, what's behind his compromise strategy on the issue, how these issues could impact the election, NBC getting blowback for daring to “platform” Trump, their attempt to justify it on-air, Trump succeeding in hostile interviews, if the left and media will push out Biden from running again, the truth about the impeachment inquiry into Biden and Democrats denying evidence, the issue of Ukraine and how that will play in the election, and more. Then Will Witt, author of "Do Not Comply," and Savanah Hernandez, reporter for Turning Point USA, join to discuss the explosive sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand, how the #MeToo movement has become politicized, the knee-jerk reaction by some on the right to defend Brand without knowing the details,the allegations of a years-long affair between Gov. Kristi Noem and former Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski, hypocrisy from politicians who claim family values but don't practice them, whether the Lauren Boebert video is a big deal, a Democratic Virginia state candidate's public sex acts online, the Senate lowering the dress code so John Fetterman can now wear shorts and a hoodie, and more.Sacks: https://www.craftventures.comWitt: The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published 09/18
Media and Dems Turn Against Biden and Harris, and Hunter's Gun Charges, with Rich Lowry, Peter Schweizer, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis | Ep. 628
Megyn Kelly is joined by Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, to talk about what appears to be a coordinated effort by the press to turn against President Joe Biden, Democrats refusing to support VP Kamala Harris publicly, Biden’s latest racist comment this past week, his incompetence answering questions, the bizarre way he keeps publicly referring to people controlling him, who could be the replacement for Biden, and more. Then lawyers Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis join to discuss the Hunter Biden indictment on felony gun charges, if these charges will satisfy anyone on either political side, whether the Biden DOJ is being weaponized, former President Donald Trump's answers to Megyn during their interview about classified documents and the Presidential Records Act, the different legal theories about whether Trump committed a crime or not, and more. Then Peter Schweizer, host of The Drilldown podcast, joins to discuss the White House talking points they are trying to get the media to use about the Biden impeachment inquiry, the truth about then-VP Biden's potential corruption, Biden’s questionable financial relations with Hunter, and moreLowry: Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published 09/15
Former President Donald Trump on Biden's Impeachment and Age, Fauci and COVID, and Melania and Barron, Plus, Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 627
Megyn Kelly is joined by former President Donald Trump to talk about the Biden impeachment inquiry, what we're learning now about the potential for then-VP Biden corruption that Trump tried to bring up at the debate, whether Biden is too old to be president, birthright citizenship and the immigration crisis in America, why he didn't fire Dr. Fauci, how Biden and DeSantis handled COVID, the success or failure of Operation Warp Speed and COVID vaccines, not getting enough credit for what did during the beginning of the pandemic, his stance on trans rights and how it's evolved, his friendship with Caitlyn Jenner (and previously Bruce), trans in the military, whether he'd ban puberty blockers for kids, the details of his classified documents case and the Presidential Records Act, why he didn’t turn over documents after the subpoena, Hillary Clinton and the double standard, if he's angry about the prosecutions, the real story behind the "DeSanctimonious" Ron DeSantis nickname, why he values loyalty above so much else, how Melania and Barron are doing, the personality traits about Melania that the media doesn't understand, why he's running for president and facing jail time instead of enjoying retirement, the way this country can come together, that big debate moment between Trump and Megyn, and more. Plus Megyn shares behind-the-scenes details about the interview. Then Victor Davis Hanson, author of "The Dying Citizen," joins to react to the Trump interview, and discuss whether Trump should debate, if the Trump indictments will help or hurt his general election against Biden, and more Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: YouTube: Find out more information at:
Published 09/14