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Talkin' About China Joe | Nick Di Paolo Show #1319
Confirmed 1

AOC Investigated By "Committee".
China Joe Strikes Again.
Philly Gas Station Owner Has Enough.
Matt Araiza Let Off.
Griner "Traded", Now Free.

Expires in 40 hours
Published Thursday
Twitter Twat Baker Booted | Nick Di Paolo Show #1318
Confirmed 3

Musk Boots Baker.
Trump Witch Hunt Complete.
FLA Man, Sex With Dog.
Canadian Judge Sick With Liberalism.
Caroline's to Close.

Expires in 18 hours
Published Wednesday
Newsom's Reparations Wet Dream | Nick Di Paolo Show #1317

Newsom's Reparations for CA
Black Thief Kills Home Depot Employee
Trudeau Adding More Guns to Ban List
Cop Trainee Shoots Partner
Goblin Mode
Girls B-Ball Fight

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Published Tuesday
Musk, Taibbi Free Speech Heroes | Nick Di Paolo Show #1316

Musk Exposes Dems.
Musk Exposes NYT.
Fuentes in Food Fight.
Man Tossed Over Rail at Rams Game.
Military Vaccine Mandate Could Go Away.
Groomer Teacher Teaching Gender.

Published Monday
Twitter's Roth a Sloth | Nick Di Paolo Show #1315

Roth Only Now Admits Mistake.
Trump Trashes Ye.
FL Rapist Doctor Killed.           
Behar Back Peddles.
Iranian Celebrating Loss, Killed.
Santa Is Racist and an A-hole??

Published 12/01
Devin Nunes Vs NBC Universal | Nick Di Paolo Show #1314

WHO Calls Monkeypox Racist.
NBC Sued By Nunes.
Possible Griner Deal With Russia.
Another Man Dead by Woodchipper.
Iran Soccer Team Could Face Arrests.
Boy Eaten By Croc.

Published 11/30
Iran's Irate Presser | Nick Di Paolo Show #1313

Trump & Kari.
Iran Mad at U.S.
A Florida Man...
Dog Shoots Man.
Tampons in Men's Restroom.
Sam Brinton Steals Luggage.

Published 11/29
Trump Says Ne to Ye | Nick Di Paolo Show #1312

Creepy Joe Strikes Again.
Trump's Strange Ye Interaction.
Taylor Lorenz at it Again.
World Cup Activism.
Daylight Savings Time is Racist.

Published 11/28
AJ Rice | Nick Di Paolo Show #1311

Nick interviews "The Woking Dead" author, AJ Rice.

Published 11/23
Medical Field in "Critical" Condition | Nick Di Paolo Show #1310

Kari Lake Sends Message.
Kobe's Daughter Stalked.
The Race To Ruin Medicine.
Jay's Skin Update.
Viking's Highlight Porn Star.
Strip Club & Porn Site Want Miami Heat.

Published 11/22
Trump Gives Twitter Bird | Nick Di Paolo Show #1309

Bobulinski Bashes Biden.
Trump Say No Point to Twitter.
Trans Murderess Found Guilty.
Winter League Ball Fight.
CNN Shocked At Jeopardy.

Published 11/21
The Wicked Witch is Dead | Nick Di Paolo Show #1308

Pelosi is Done. 
Ivanka Says, No. 
Newsom's Wife a Weinstein Victim?
Naughty Novel in Dearborn.
Muslim Dearborn Dad Goes Off.
Pride Event Too Far in FLA.

Published 11/17
Donald Vs. Ronald? | Nick Di Paolo Show #1307

Trump Announces 2024 Run.
GOP Takes House.
Missile Hits Poland.
Joe Says No.
White Trash.
Tiny Dancer.

Published 11/16
Dems In Bed With Crypto Creep | Nick Di Paolo Show #1306

Cryto Creeps Funds Dems.
Chris Magnus Resigns.
Joe Meets With China.
Joe Aborts Question.
Jay's Hot Rod.
Dyke On Bike.

Published 11/15
Replay: Colin Quinn | Nick Di Paolo Show #1305a

Complete Interview with Colin Quinn

Published 11/14