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A Very Tidy Excuse | Coder Radio 546
The messy details and tidy excuses we noticed in all this OpenAI upset, and some fundamental problems that have been plaguing desktop Linux for years.
Expires in 20 hours
Published Tuesday
Surprisingly Smooth Transition | LINUX Unplugged 538
PipeWire hits 1.0, and Wim Taymans joins us to reflect on the smooth success of PipeWire. Plus the details on the first NixCon North America, and more. Special Guests: Wim Taymans and Zach Mitchell.
Published Sunday
Sam's Busy Weekend | Coder Radio 545
OpenAI's weekend coup, plus our thoughts on Microsoft's gambit and their looming risk.
Published 11/21
This Makes Us Unemployable | LINUX Unplugged 537
Can we save an old Arch install? We'll attempt a live rescue, then get into our tips for keeping your old Linux install running great.
Published 11/18
Google Photos Replacement | Self-Hosted 110
That man behind the Google Photos killer joins us to chat about the latest release of Immich. Plus, Alex's first impressions of 45Homelab's HL15. Special Guests: Alex Tran and Brent Gervais.
Published 11/16
Microsoft Already Did It | Coder Radio 544
Yet another thing Microsoft was early to, and still somehow missed the boat.
Published 11/14
Plasma Power-Ups | LINUX Unplugged 536
The problem with GNOME's great news, plus our first look at Plasma 6. Then, the surprising place NixOS is getting adopted.
Published 11/12
Hit the Turbo | LINUX Unplugged 535
A special guest joins us, and we each give Fedora 39 a try. What’s new, what we liked, and what didn’t make the cut! Special Guest: Drew DeVore.
Published 11/09
For Your Safety | Coder Radio 543
New AI "regulation" from on high this week, a few signs you might be pissing in your own pond, and the game dev team that's been together for 40 years.
Published 11/08
Alex’s Backups Disaster | Self-Hosted 109
How we almost lost valuable data this week, and a Chat with Doug and Mitch about their new home lab server.
Published 11/02
Fresh Cut Fraud | Coder Radio 542
We've all made mistakes and tried to play dumb, but this week history is being made.
Published 10/31
We Nixed Proxmox | LINUX Unplugged 534
We did Proxmox dirty last week, so we try to explain our thinking. But first, a few things have gone down that you should know about.
Published 10/29