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Ep. 2250 Gerald Celente on Ukraine, the Economy, and the American Elite
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The great Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal, reviews where things are going in terms of the economy, foreign policy, and civil liberties, and what the bright spots are. Sponsor: This Christmas, get your friends and loved ones something original and unusual but that you know they'll love: steaks. Omaha Steaks has some great assortments featuring bacon-wrapped filet mignons, boneless chicken breasts, juicy burgers, and a lot more. Plus, as a Tom Woods Show listener you can take an extra $40 off your order, on top of the sitewide 50% off sale going on right now, at , when you use code WOODS. Minimum order may be required.
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Published Thursday
Ep. 2249 The Military State and Why It Persists
Confirmed 3
Christopher Coyne joins me to discuss some of the factors contributing to the seeming permanence of the military-industrial complex in the United States.
Expires in 22 hours
Published Wednesday
Ep. 2248 Rand and Rothbard Convinced Me
The great Murray Sabrin joins us to discuss how his experiences as an insatiably curious person and a child of an immigrant family led him to libertarianism and a career spent in defense of liberty. Book Discussed:   Guest's Substack: Sponsor: Omaha Steaks - Go to and use code WOODS at checkout for $30 off your order!
Published Tuesday
Ep. 2247 Intelligence, Blackmail, and Jeffrey Epstein
Whitney Webb joins us to discuss the unknown history of collusion between intelligence services and organized crime, and the practice of blackmail, in order to set the context for Jeffrey Epstein.
Published Friday
Ep. 2246 Trump, DeSantis, and Biden: What Will 2024 Bring?
Brion McClanahan joins me to discuss the prospects of these men, the Trump/DeSantis feud, whether DeSantis would make us crazy, whether Biden has a chance, and more. Sponsor: Omaha Steaks - Go to and use code WOODS at checkout for $30 off your order!
Published 12/01
Ep. 2245 What on Earth Do We Do Now?
We're outgunned and outnumbered, and crazy ideas are considered mainstream. What should we do now? Michael Heise joins me to discuss his plan: Project Decentralized Revolution.
Published 11/30
Ep. 2244 The FTX Fiasco
Stephan Livera joins me to discuss what happened with FTX, whether it is an indictment of Bitcoin, what it means for the Bitcoin price, whether it was a money-laundering scheme, and a lot more. Sponsor: Omaha Steaks - Go to and use code WOODS at checkout for $30 off your order!
Published 11/29
Ep. 2243 Thomas Paine: Radical American Hero
The radical Thomas Paine, who could both cheer and enrage with his various writings, was a fascinating and important figure in American history, and historian Dave Benner -- author of a new biography of the man -- joins me to talk about him. Book Discussed:
Published 11/25
Ep. 2242 Lockdowns: The Debate
This week Stanford University's Jay Bhattacharya triumphed decisively in an Oxford-style debate on lockdowns and "focused protection" with Sten Vermund, and he joins us today to discuss it. Sponsor: Omaha Steaks - Go to and use code WOODS at checkout for $30 off your order!
Published 11/24
Ep. 2241 How to Overcome Film Censorship
We all know about documentaries that the official outlets won't let us watch. Or movies whose dialogue sounds like a woke treatise rather than anything actual people would ever say. Cory Tucek created Movies Plus to fight back against it all. Sponsor: Omaha Steaks - Go to and use code WOODS at checkout for $30 off your order!
Published 11/23
Ep. 2240 Dissident Tech Entrepreneur Takes Aim at Big Tech Suppression
Tech entrepreneur Pete Zaborsky joins me to discuss his vision of a future in which all voices can be heard, and how to get there. Sponsor: Crowdhealth - Save $99 when you use code WOODS at
Published 11/22
Ep. 2239 The Death of Journalism
John Ziegler, co-host of the Death of Journalism podcast, joins me to discuss the mess that is journalism today, how narratives ossify into the Official Position that nobody may contradict, and whether there are signs of hope.
Published 11/19
Ep. 2238 A Communist Reveals Her Secrets
Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College and editor of The American Spectator, joins me to discuss the curious story of Bella Dodd, once a committed communist who says she helped Marxists infiltrate the Catholic Church, and later a crusader against communism. Book Discussed: The Devil and Bella Dodd: One Woman's Struggle Against Communism and Her Redemption
Published 11/17
Ep. 2237 Another Lizard Rises to Power?
The great Dominic Frisby, one of my favorite Tom Woods Show guests, returns to update us on the wild situation in the UK, why Liz Truss resigned, why tax reductions are off the table there seemingly forever, who the new prime minister really is, and a lot more. Sponsor: The Expat Money Show with Mikkel Thorup is the #1 resource for anyone considering the expat lifestyle or offshore investments! Check it out at
Published 11/16
Ep. 2236 The Man Whose Words Are Forbidden
Filmmaker Jason Rink joins us to discuss his new project (in three episodes) called Q Sent Me, about the Q shaman from January 6. Even discussing the topic and allowing the man to speak without imposing any value judgments on the viewer, as indeed this film does not, is enough to get Jason and the film banned -- the Twitter account he mentions in the episode has already been suspended as I type these notes.
Published 11/15